The Political Left has won the culture war

Haven’t listened to anything from Stardusk/Thinking-Ape in a long time, but come to find out his newer material very much jibes with my own thoughts at this time.

He’s right. World War II was a serious game-changer, for various reasons. Not least of which was that it promoted widespread sympathy toward Jews in particular since the Holocaust centered around them categorically being blamed for the ills of German society, leading then to a plan for their extermination. This is what our history books tell us repeatedly, however factual all of the related claims may be. It’s that historical focus that has been spread down, generation to generation, to all of us alive today, drilling into our minds how horrific of an event it was and how we must NEVER (under ANY circumstances) allow an atrocity of that nature to occur again (most especially against Jewish people). I got the message full-on and took it very seriously while growing up, as have most others. Seems like the most humane position to take.

What that message left out were the atrocities committed by communists in the Soviet Union and China. Instead of us being taught more broadly about totalitarianism we were specifically indoctrinated with information about Nazi Germany (at the comparative exclusion of all else). Was that an accident? Doesn’t appear to be now, does it? Considering school curriculum still hasn’t been updated to address this imbalance many decades later.

Why? Well, it appears the U.S. government had some sort of affinity with the Soviet Union all along, even after we publicly ceased being known as allies and entered the Cold War. So much that we are taught is slanted, intentionally distorted — lies by omission. How do you prove such a claim? I don’t know, but the evidence seems clear enough right about now in viewing what’s been unfolding across time.

Yes, the Political Left has been making incremental changes over many decades, leading them to possess the power they wield today. And yes, any attempt to lawfully shift the political tides would also take a concerted effort spanning decades. The problem is there isn’t time left for such a gradual game change. This country has already been compromised and now, partly thanks to the rise of Big Tech and the stronghold of globalizing powers, this process is guaranteed to speed up. Meaning that the Left will make more rapid moves and greater changes in the years to come, further transforming this country and culture beyond recognition. How do you stop a runaway train?

The old way lost, and if I’m honest with myself I can admit that this really began at the time of the Civil War. That defeat was the beginning of the end. Half a nation of people were successfully fought and disallowed from seceding. Tyranny forced compliance, and the South laid down and accepted those conditions in the end, and has been harshly treated by the history books ever since. So much so that people have allowed themselves to be convinced that it was a war fought over slavery, dismissing all talk of states’ rights as if that’s some sort of humorous deflection from facts and reason. That’s where it all began in this country, truly, because that’s when a part of Americans’ spirit died. The dissidents of that era were taught that resistance is futile, and they—despite their big talk ever since—did not stand by the words of the forefathers they claim to love so much and DEMAND either liberty or death. No, instead they laid down their guns and chose to live. And this is what they’ve lived for, this nation as it stands today is what they passed on to successive generations. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Decades later, Americans were united under the guise of protecting our freedom by engaging in World War I & II. Do you know what really undermined us after the Second World War? Our compassion. Noble as it is, that proved to be Americans’ undoing. Compassion toward Jews and the story of the Holocaust wound up being our shackles on down the line. I do not say this as someone who has a particular problem with Jewish people (as already explained before elsewhere on this blog) — just that I can see how that narrative weakened us in terms of convincing us that violence on that scale was wrong in all cases for Americans (at least on American soil). Nevermind the killing of others we commit in wars abroad since — that somehow proves less relevant, despite many in the Middle East considering this a Holocaust of sorts being brought against them (and quite effectively, I might add). I’m not much of a defender of Muslims and am known to be very critical of their religion, speaking out regularly against their immigration to Western nations, yet still I can see this plainly.

Our shackling to Israel has been out of a deep sense of guilt (for whatever reason) and alliance through compassion (as well as Christians being convinced by their televangelist preachers that the Jewish people must all return to that region of the world if ever Jesus is to return to the earth — crazily enough). But even now when many can see that Israel is undeserving of so much military aid, we the people can’t seem to stop it. Politics have gotten outside of our control.

Compassion undermined us. Why? Well, for one, it dulled our collective imagination and kept us from seriously reckoning with the idea that some groups within our society mean to do this nation harm and ought to either be locked up or expelled. And because we’ve been heavily steeped in propaganda about that war, along with being strongly influenced by Jewish thought through the media and Hollywood productions, we’ve come to embrace the notion of multiculturalism, not yet knowing that that would prove to be our unraveling. (Or at least it rendered us unwilling to stand up for one culture above others, setting the stage for events to come.)

Some of this appears to be due to trends not specific to or arising from American culture in the last century, such as postmodern thought imported from France. So perhaps this trend is more universal, less localized, as it now seems to be unraveling European nations as well. Has this been intentionally orchestrated? Hard to argue that it hasn’t been. Perhaps just a result of a preponderance of chicanery where opportunists seized at every point along the way what influence and power they could.

Stardusk mentioned how this likely can’t be reversed quickly, short of some sort of war breaking out perhaps, and then there’d be the risk of the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. Which to me means something akin to what arose out of Wiemar Germany. (Though, who would we fight today and how? Declare war on all who consider themselves left of center? Besides, most are far too docile to seriously consider taking matters into our own hands if it involves violence. Except maybe thugs/Antifa.) We hear people today so readily dismiss one another as “fascists” for any little deviation, anything they can label and denounce as wrongthink. That’s priming people to accept that resistance is futile, knowing you’ll be mischaracterized and roundly attacked by their fanatical army (while most of the brethren on your own side sit out the battle, preferring not to have their good names wrecked by weighing in the fray). So those willing to step into the ring and fight at this point can’t help but be outliers, and they will all find themselves harshly labeled as belonging to the “alt-right” and accused of being “nazis” and “full of hate.” Others will distance themselves from these people as a result. We might speak about them online and attempt to defend them with our words, and, as we already see underway, we will be punished accordingly (some even going so far as losing their jobs — more and more this keeps happening).

Makes a person really stop and question their morality and where they learned it from. I often have to ask myself if my beliefs are born out of a slave morality, because it seems that way when it renders me incapable of even launching an effective defense. That calls into question the role of Christianity (or at least how it’s commonly interpreted) at this point in history, though I will leave that topic for another time.

What do we owe to one another at this point? How do you contend with people who don’t give a damn about the principles you’re struggling to uphold? And what do you do if those same principles are tethering your hands and disallowing you from going toe to toe with those hell-bent on supporting tyranny? I don’t know, but I ask myself this regularly enough nowadays.

There doesn’t appear to be a future worth salvaging in this dilemma. If we opt to try to live in peace, then we’ve agreed to comply — we’ve chosen complicity. It’s anyone’s guess what this nation will be like in 30 years at the rate it’s currently going. Does their “vision for the future” truly look to you like a healthy place to raise kids? Does it appear to be the kind of society you’d like to live to old age within? Serious questions for serious times.

Some might read this and think I’m just upset about the Kavanaugh confirmation or some other current event, but no. I don’t care much about that matter aside from taking issue with how ruthless the politics at play are showing themselves to be. Have no stake in him as a person and don’t particularly care about his career either way, though it is rough watching a man get dragged through the mud if he is innocent, all because of unprovable accusations brought to light at the perfect time to do maximum damage. Just sayin’. I’m tired of seeing this gender war devolve into woman screaming that they deserve to be believed no matter what, evidence be damned. This idea that people can ruin our lives with their words and we’re left with no recourse. All because of politics unchained. Been coming to this for a looong time, and now it’s threatening to upend so much that’s fundamental in our society, including a right to due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. But, if we’re honest to ourselves, we’ve been here before during the Jim Crow era when an accusation was all that was needed to determine a man’s fate. So perhaps this nation’s foundational principles haven’t been shit for over a century already. Perhaps we’ve been fooling ourselves to imagine otherwise.

So then I get to wondering what it is we’re supposed to be fighting for here? A revival of America? How is that even possible? We’re far too divided and have been for so long. Probably irreparably so by now. We like to think Leftist were supposed to be the compassionate ones, the “bleeding hearts” among us, and yet look at what’s been happening all around. Do you see compassion there? Yet so-called conservatives keep pandering to them, as if that’s the way this game must be played.

You know what I think? I think this is a bit of an indictment of capitalism, at least in this most-modern era, because it allowed people to branch off in pursuit of our own individual goals and dreams, relinquishing loyalty to our communities in the process. Chasing money has corrupted us to where we now stand divided. We don’t know one another barely anymore and have little reason to trust one another. We don’t share a common faith any longer. Our values are selected at will. Many don’t even vote, especially not locally, thereby dropping the reins even on what little political power they may have possessed. All because we were busy celebrating our individuality and trying to get ahead in the economy. Well, now we’re up against a united front of ideologues who are possessed by a drive toward power. What can be done about that? Certainly not an issue to be rectified by voting this late in the game.

So then what? Shall we drown our sorrows in nihilistic hedonism and await a societal collapse, as some are fond of talking about these days? Should we risk speaking out and having our livelihoods destroyed while others go about their regularly scheduled routines and ignore us? Should we call upon a higher power to direct us, even if that means undertaking unpopular action on our own? That’ll get you locked up for even trying to talk about it. Shall we just continue watching this crazy saga unfold like we always have, chomping neurotically at the bit like we usually do? Shall we try to brainwash ourselves with positive thinking in an effort to find peace within this storm?

I don’t know the way forward from here on out. Mostly I’m plagued with a bunch of questions. A gradual shift in another direction won’t be coming though, that much I’m willing to bank on. And I’m not sure how tolerant we can expect to remain while our rights are stripped from us.

It’s a hell of a conundrum we find ourselves in nowadays. But, as always remains true: nobody promised us a rose garden. C’est la vie.

Sunday thoughts on matters of the heart and individual power

So many sad and awkward days. That’s what happens when hearts break, even when you did the breaking. Some things, once broken, might never be repaired.

Friendships, relationships, sacred bonds…

Very tough lessons to learn. To find out just how much power you really do possess, only in the worst ways.

But shit like this is how come I know about power, observing it in myself and others. We at least, obviously, possess the potential to inflict great pain and misery on ourselves and others, whether intentional or not. We know that much for certain. Then it becomes a question of how to better utilize what power we do have to improve the situation so much as any one of us is able. One thing I know is that most of the suffering we experience is generated by human beings — could the inverse be true as well? In short, we’ve demonstrated we can create hell, but are we capable of striving toward something better instead? Is that within our power? And if so, I have the strong feeling no top-down approach could bring it about or maintain it. It’s a matter of us as individuals and how we rule our lives in total.

Tough fucking situation we’re in. Hard to act better when we’re coming up around all of this. To think we aren’t heavily impacted by all the input directed at us is insane. The impact of so much information, big and small, seemingly important or trivial, cumulatively conditions us to accept insanity. By that I mean insane realities — not compatible with psychological health and overall well-being. That’s what I’ve come to believe.

So much bullshit pelts down on the individual, beginning with input from parents and family members, then peers, classmates and authority figures, then you hit adulthood and the weight of society as a whole presses in on you with its conflicting demands and expectations. The individual’s life can go oh-so-many directions, influenced in countless ways by all kinds of information and ideas. Can’t wrap our minds around our own lives anymore, let alone anyone else’s. Everything’s gotten too big and too chaotic, and the remedies being offered up promise to keep it big and grow it even bigger while stifling the chaos through prescribed policy measures. Sounds as Orwellian as it can get, IMO. Bigger and bigger means less and less power any one of us possesses relative to the whole scheme, and that winds up enforcing mass herd mentality. Dangerous deal there.

But down here on the interpersonal level, what are we doing to one another? Are we not being exploitative and disloyal and insensitive toward one another more often than we know is right? Especially to those closest to us. They always seem to catch the greatest hell behind closed doors. Because that’s how it’s all functioning for us now. We’re corrupt, or at least I’ve been figuring out the ways in which I am. Observed enough others to know plenty of them are too, to varying degrees. And we corrupt one another, and more often than not those who don’t deserve it. Because that’s how pain, whether manifesting through rage or apathetic lack of concern, operates and pays forward onto others. Whether we recognize it or not, that’s power. Raw power at its roots. We have the power to shape, mold and influence one another’s perceptions, for better or worse.

Our power to break one another’s hearts and spirits is no small concern. It forms the very basis of our social realm. Without loving bonds, not much of real value matters to people, and we decay inside. We turn toward greed and self-fulfillment and lose sight of what matters more. Because we don’t know how to love one another. At least some of us apparently don’t. We’ve so far made a mess of our adult attempts to do so. The past molds us, and that conditioning can be so hard to overcome, but ultimately that becomes one’s responsibility to those they love, doesn’t it? Because otherwise what is there to this life? Hobbies and interests? Entertainment outlets? Shopping? Just looks like a bunch of hours and minutes to me, ticking by without much purpose or reason. And that strikes me as being a self-created hell on earth.

That’s happening to how many of us though? How many would be so honest if handed a questionnaire asking about that? Can’t even get at a topic of that magnitude with multiple choice questions. Impossible to capture it that way. Statistics have definite limitations on what they can illuminate. We read about how so many people admit to living in a depressive fog, but how is it slanted? It’s sold as some sort of biochemical problem in our brains rather than totally understandable feelings of depression stemming from our lifestyles, our choices, our upbringings, our suppressed passions, our sense of helplessness in a world seeming driven willy-nilly in a direction that looks evermore confusing and alienating to the soulful individual.

Makes a person sick in the spirit. I know I am, and I imagine lots of others are too, whether they recognize it this way or not. The sensation is felt by me as obsoletion — my dreams are outdated. But what I do have control over is how I treat the people most important to me and others as well, and I’m having to call on strength to do better and to try to make amends. Don’t know how to mend some of this though. And I’m still so bitter about some of those who’ve done me wrong. Hard to move on past all frustration — won’t claim to know how.

I’ll leave it at that tonight. Still have a little more work to do on this dreary, cold and rainy day.

Have a song on my mind worth sharing before I head out, Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”:

Haven’t watched that video in a coon’s age.