“Sadhguru- Living Life To The Fullest”

Confidence without clarity is a deadly mix.

I continue enjoy listening to Sadhguru’s talks.

Sadhguru on what’s happening in our mind

Re-listening to that one again this morning after falling asleep to it a couple nights this week. I like listening to him lately.

“Spirit of Eastern Wisdom: The Intelligence Within”

That’s probably my favorite talk from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a “mystic” I stumbled across by chance in recent weeks and have watched a good deal from thus far. Worth giving a listen to, whatever your beliefs may be.

A humorous excerpt, 15:15:

Dogs are being tortured to fulfill human loneliness.

Ha! A lot of truth in that statement. Don’t I know it. But that’s a topic in itself for another time.

He’s an entertaining and interesting man to listen to.