Two professors weighing in on Evergreen State College protest, Race/IQ, and fundamentalist ideologies

What I’m watching currently, professors Glenn Loury & John McWhorter discussing current events and trends:

From That site and YT channel are brand-new to me as of tonight. Subscribing.

“[News] WTF – White Man Kidnapped and Beaten by Anti-Trump Gang” (and more)

Mundane Matt’s take on this recent horrific event in Chicago where Brittany Herring and friends bound, gagged, tortured and beat a special needs young man and live-streamed their criminality on Facebook:


I watched this portion of her original video. Sick and stupid doesn’t begin to cover it…

[Video has since been removed, but another copy is viewable on]

Straight-out psychotic and cruel. Not to mention narcissistic.

Another commentary video on this where a little earlier footage from the live-stream event is provided:

She likely wasn’t accurate in linking these criminal thugs with the Black Lives Matter movement since it’s not clear that that was their motivation. However, it is very clear from the thugs’ own words that they were motivated by racial prejudice and feeling desire to intimidate and mistreat those they assume were Trump supporters. We don’t honestly know if the white young man in question voted for Trump or even is old enough to vote at all, not that that matters one iota. The lady in that last video is correct that since Trump’s victory all we’re really seeing are crimes being committed against his supporters and hoaxes manufactured by people trying to draw sympathy toward their Leftist positions. It’s unnerving, folks, that this is what America is dwindling into, yet at the same time so many wish to blame Trump and his supporters for why this outcome is occurring, which makes absolutely no sense. This trend is about open intimidation of the public. And where is Hillary in denouncing this shit? Where’s Obama? Where’s Bernie Sanders? Suddenly M.I.A. Because if Russia can’t be blamed, then apparently it just doesn’t really matter.

Fucking sickens me. The more I look into news reports spanning back over the last couple of years and hear of racial tensions mounting, the more it looks like black folks (not all obviously but enough) are helping in orchestrating a self-fulfilling prophecy where they “martyr” themselves via suicide by cops or otherwise commit criminal acts that land them in over-populated prisons so that they can bitch about the unfairness of it all. But this is how a civilized society operates — criminals are supposed to be dealt with by the Law, not pandered to. The political Left doesn’t see it this way though and instead makes all kinds of excuses for why all of this somehow is ultimately a result of inequality created and perpetuated by white folks. As if a narrative that simple can honestly sum up what’s happening here.

Look, I’m not coming at this from the political Right and was not a voter for Trump. Actually have never voted for a Republican presidential nominee so far. I’ve always been a registered Independent who primarily votes third, fourth and fifth party in any given election. So my goal here isn’t to pick a side and lambaste its opposition. No, that shit is unhelpful and unproductive, IMO. Like I told my liberal friends whom I chatted with last night on related political matters who tried pigeon-holing me on the Right, as is so common, I consider myself both liberal and conservative and am highly critical of both the Democractic and Republican parties. Apparently a disclaimer of this nature is required, lest others leap to assumptions and dismiss your opinion outright or strawman your position. Which is further mind-fuckery since we can’t even have a real conversation much of the time on such issues in our country since so many want to jump in a camp and cloak themselves with righteous indignation provided therein. Getting so sick of it. Bring up a story like this and likely someone will assume your motive is racist, as if that’s all that could possibly make sense here.

Dr. Sadler’s take on “A Stand for Democracy in a Digital Age” declaration

Dr. Sadler offered up this video in mid-December, titled “Philosogeek Reflections on the Technosphere #4: ‘A Stand for Democracy in a Digital Age'”:

A good video I watched a week or so ago and want to save here to share with others. It’s a tricky subject.

Been thinking about the PRISM ordeal lately. Modern life is headed somewhere I’m seriously uncomfortable with…but how could this train be stopped?

Welcome to the technological age.  straight_face