Wow. Shit’s ramping up (in Charlottesville, VA).

As usual, I was one of the last to hear about this rally in Virginia.

Not sure what to think of it all just yet. Just observing for the time being. Though I will say that I can understand why conservative white folks are so upset and feel the need to take a stand up against all this bullying from the Political Left that’s steadily been mounting in recent years. What did people expect would happen? That all white people would just lay down and take it without resisting? Did others assume they were simply weak and ineffective and unwilling to respond? That was a foolish assumption.

But I really don’t wish for our country to divide further. Many of us don’t wish to for segregation, though those who want to live apart certainly are free to go try that. I, for one, will not stand in anybody’s way if they do decide to self-segregate. Mostly I worry about people trying to force others out. We have enough hostility already. And I don’t think it’s an accident that tensions are being brought to this fever pitch. Lots of politically-sown divisiveness has been occurring in recent years, and we all know it. Then this Muslim immigration bullshit thanks Hillary Clinton’s State Department. That was a a tactical move, certainly not a naive oversight.

So what did people think might happen? The U.S. cannot withstand a major culture clash of that magnitude. We’re already experiencing an internal culture clash due to ideological differences. There’s only so much a society can take before we all wind up hurt as a result. The Muslim influx has made many of very nervous, and for good reason. Incompatible worldviews, religions and values — perhaps insurmountable at this point in history. The Middle East is their home, so whatever refugee aid people would like to offer to them would be best done on those folks’ own soil. Because it’s becoming very clear that not all can live together, not when there’s a demonstrable lack of respect shown for our Western civilizations and not when we already are experiencing far too much internal tensions among our own peoples (and by that I am referring to those affiliated with BLM and similar movements, like antifa, that are working hard to censor opposing speech and intimidate people on college campuses and in workplaces, who have overtaken the MSM with their political narratives that they actively try to suppress us all with, and who accuse anybody and everybody of “racism” or “sexism” or some other “ism” for not toeing their line). It’s all gone too far and is making people sick with frustration and indignation. As to be expected.

You know what this protest here also reminds me of? That Black Panther march up in Milwaukee back around Christmas time:

Free us or you die crackers…

Yet no one interrupted their protest march, despite the sort of language they were using and the fact that they were carrying weapons. Yet people want to get upset with a bunch of white folks carrying tiki torches and not threatening to kill anybody. See the difference? This is why so many people are fed up. And I can understand where they’re coming from.

BUT, I take issue with those who want to make this into a purely racial dispute. It is not. It is ideological in nature fundamentally. There are plenty of whites and blacks and others on both/all sides of the aisle. I refuse to side with people based only on arbitrary criteria such as race when that so obviously isn’t what’s at the root of the clash occurring. Racial grievances are being stoked by influential types like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, and their ilk. The racial grievance industry has made a whole lot of money through telling people how disadvantaged they are and convincing them that the blame lies with white people. Why do they say this, aside from making money? Because civil unrest suits their interests. That, or they know not what they’re doing (which I don’t believe for a second). The more fight among one another, the more they always stand to benefit. I agree when it comes to severely limiting Muslim immigration to this country since that’s necessary for maintaining the West, but for those of us already living here with generations of family born on this soil, this is our home and we cannot help but be in this together. Many of us love one another despite our perceived differences. And we do not want our fellow Americans to be categorically mistreated because tempers run too high. That is no good. That will only cause more pain to pay forward for generations to come. Too many of us are capable of working together where it really counts, and so this is the time to start acting like it, petty grievances aside.

Here I’ll offer up one voice of reason:

That man is right.

Please, dear God, don’t let us become blinded and unjust toward one another out of misplaced anger. While it’s understandable why people feel as they do, we have to be cognizant of what we’re doing so that we don’t make it all so much worse for ourselves and others undeserving of being targeted. That is my prayer this evening.

Reply to s2r5d89’s comment on my “Why I’m No Longer a Feminist” video

Since the damned thing won’t post on Youtube and I already typed it up. So, here it is instead:


You assume humans wouldn’t be better off remaining in caves. lol Or in agricultural societies, as more likely would remain the case. I’m not necessarily sold on the idea that our modern world is the best that’s ever to come. Sometimes it appears that human ambitions have wound us up closer to our species’ eventual demise. But I’m considered a Luddite of sorts and have my own biases there, unrelated to this topic.

Women are not totally incapable and plenty did work long hours in factory jobs that contributed to the rise of our industrialized state. And plenty still do abroad, providing us Americans and other Westerners with so many cheap goods. The view that women are largely useless is absurd. There are useless men and women, yes, just as there are useful ones of both sexes. But economic productivity is not the only basis for measuring one’s worth.

Your men’s movements still further are driving people apart, continuing the project began by most-modern feminists. Neither camps will see their hands are clean when the dust settles. Humans are experiencing problems currently on a lot of levels, sex/gender relations being but one, albeit an important one since it divides and segregates us all in a major way, destroying the communities our species has never been without. And it will take humans, both men and women, to figure out ways to reverse this trend. The answer probably points toward enhancing love in one’s heart since all the reasoning in the world can’t dig us out of this hole and there is a very strong need for connection among those who are capable right about now. Hence why people are running toward political and religious parties and ideologies — they are seeking a sense of belonging somewhere to escape this increasing sense of alienation. It will get harder with time, I don’t doubt it.

And here’s his original comment, for context’s sake:

s2r5d89 6 hours ago (edited)

Let’s face the facts, without men this world will look like it did back in the cave man days. Women are not working in the many jobs that keep our society moving, construction, sewage, HVAC ,etc. etc. These jobs are dirty. cold, dangerous and so on. I have single women living in my street and I see them struggle just to shovel their driveways, life is not rosy without the extra pair of stronger arms. Feminism is about selective equality and I believe it’s mainly by people who are looking for attention.

Feminist are driving females and males apart, you see that with the growth of the mgtow and other mens movements in response to the demoralization that men have been subjected to by feminist and others who jump on their ’cause’ bandwagon . If we want to live in a world where men and women hate, disrespect and distrust each other then keep on trekking in the feminist world. I dont mean the video creator but feminist in general.

My thoughts on the video “Becoming A Feminist”

Watching and reacting to this tonight:

For starters, she and I are very different people who came up in different lifestyles (I went into some of how I came up and got into feminism in this video). She reports having been fairly tomboyish and involved in sports, whereas I was certainly not a tomboy, didn’t get into competitive sports (P.E. became the class I dreaded most), and didn’t care much for sci-fi until about midway through my 20s. As a pre-adolescent, I hung out with girls primarily and tended to bicker with boys, though in my teen years I gravitated more toward men and boys, partly due to falling out increasingly with girls, and this trend has strengthened to this day (to where I now stand with only one close female friend who lives in another state, plus my Grandma). BUT, I don’t necessarily have hard feelings toward womankind. Irritation and bewilderment are the words I’d use to describe the situation, coupled with a sense of awe that admittedly has been waning a bit over the years.

BUT, I am a woman as well, regardless of how well I do or don’t get along with others of my sex. Not like I hit it off with every man I come across either.  LOL  No, members of both sexes can and do drive me nuts, but I recognize the value of both sexes overall despite my quibbles and frustrations. Don’t appreciate each and every individual in existence today, but ah well, humanity itself is valuable and individuality as a concept deserves to be protected.

Yes, I agree that it would be great as a woman to not be so readily dismissed as “neurotic” or “feminist” because I offer up one female perspective. I’m a woman — it can’t be helped. Same goes for a man, yet we don’t as a society challenge and scrutinize that perspective in the same way, or at least we didn’t use to. I don’t enjoy having my ideas overlooked until a man restates them either necessarily, though I don’t take as extreme issue with this as I might’ve once upon a time. Why? Well, because the role of muse is valuable in its own right. I’m not the best speaker and my writings can run long (haha), so if someone else can state some of these ideas more cogently, go for it. Prefer not to have my ideas ripped off and/or bastardized though. Living and learning is a creative endeavor that can’t help but be cooperative in the sense that we pick up information and ideas from others along the way. In simple terms, no human is an island. Might as well accept that and be gentlemen and gentlewomen toward one another where possible. As in mentioning credit where it’s due (hence why I keep bringing up Erich Fromm whose books have had a transformative influence over the last several years on my own way of looking at life and humanity).

Because I’m a woman and can’t avoid being impacted by laws specific to women (one clear example is abortion access) doesn’t imply men’s matters are of less concern. Most people I care deeply about are men. Doesn’t mean I view all men as equal though either, and same goes for women. And it’s here where the concept of “equality” breaks down for me. To each expect fair treatment under the law is one thing, but this idea that every human is automatically of equal value isn’t accurate. Some people actually do possess more value than others. Take myself for instance, I’m probably not all that valuable in the big scheme of things.  lol  Take my partner, so far as being helpful in direct and important ways, he’s probably more valuable to greater society. I accept this as how it stands currently. Not everything in life has to be a competition, jealous as I do sometimes get of his natural “sunshine” ways. But anyway, such is life. Some people serve more utility for more people than others, though there’s no reason to undermine the individual purely because they haven’t proven terribly useful in their time to others. Plenty of major contributors to life as we know it were shunned by people in their day, even executed in some cases. So… based on this consideration I say we have to let individuals stand on their own merit and be careful with our dismissals and ostracism — some deserve harsh judgement and treatment, but not any one group categorically or individuals simply because they won’t toe the line some or even many may subscribe to.

It’s a tightrope of sorts that we all face, but it’d be nice to not be so swiftly “discredited” simply because I happen to be a woman. The harsh judgment that my criticisms or concerns must stem from completely biased, self-serving agenda is the assumption of ideologues who can’t see beyond blacks and whites, for us or against us. I reject such simplistic thinking. I am not FOR all men, just as I am not FOR all women, nor can I be. As stated already, too many assholes in each pile to go along with a strategy like that. Some men and women I vehemently disagree with or aim to remain protected from, and that’s just the way life goes. Not all black people are on one team (as evidenced by how common  black-on-black violence has become) and the same goes for the sexes. Men are capable of stabbing a person in the back as fast as women could — might stem from different motives, but the end result is it severely sucking nevertheless. I don’t put all my eggs in arbitrarily-defined “camps” like that. Why do so? What substantial good comes from it?

Hence why I still am unable to call myself a feminist. I support women’s rights where I believe that’s actually what’s going on, since oftentimes it isn’t and plenty is paraded as in favor of women and children when really it’s just an attempt to expand the scope and power of Big Government under the guise of angling for an unfair advantage. I don’t like being used to serve unjust bullshit ends of that sort. The feminist movement all too frequently these days does endorse problematic legislation, and I can’t go for that. Better to be a social nomad than to go there, IMO. Better to stand as an individual voice than be absorbed by a movement that doesn’t at bottom have people’s, let alone women’s, best interest at heart.