Film of the evening: “Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance”

Tonight I watched a documentary on Netflix about Carl Panzram, a man who lived about a century ago in the U.S. and was convicted of various crimes, including murder, who as well confessed to raping and sodomizing an ungodly number of males. This film was produced by John Borowski based on the autobiographical writings left by Panzram as well as other writings and testimonials that corroborate his claims.

A free version of the film has been made available on youtube:

It may be of interest to others out there who are curious about criminology and the dark depths of the human psyche. This also serves as a timepiece for understanding a bit about prison conditions in the not-so-distant past, reminiscent of the torture afforded to slaves in decades prior. It also calls into question the way prison systems have been modeled, both yesteryear and still today in terms of lengthy periods of isolation as a form of punishment. And it also beckons us to consider the role society and environment plays in molding individuals and the development of their psychological constitutions.

Many of us out here are of the understanding that “bad seeds” typically aren’t simply born that way — they come into being over time by way of a process involving their own unique physiology and its interaction with everything and everyone around them. BUT, that’s not to diminish the importance of the faculty of choice and personal responsibility that comes by way of living as a sentient being in possession of some measure of free will. Needless to say, it remains a complex matter to assess, to say the least.