“Albert Camus on the Absurd (The Myth of Sisyphus) – Philosophy Core Concepts”

“Carl Jung: ‘Reason’ is, notoriously, not necessarily ethical any more than intelligence is.” (a blog repost)

Source: Carl Jung: “Reason” is, notoriously, not necessarily ethical any more than intelligence is.

That post from a blog I discovered and have been reading at length today that showcases correspondences written by Carl Jung really caught my eye and felt necessary to link to here in my own blog cave. Carl Jung’s perspective on religiosity and the spiritual drive within all humans dating as far back as we know, accompanied by expanding consciousness (whether horizontally or vertically) has really captured my imagination, as it did for various other authors I’ve read from Erich Fromm to Joseph Campbell and Otto Rank. Read that linked piece. It’s entirely worth doing so.

I recently completed listening to his collection of essays in his book Modern Man in Search of a Soul and especially appreciated the final three essays that pertained to this subject matter along with probing into the role of psychotherapy and medicine and widespread identification with rising political movements. Excellent thoughts recorded in there that I will have to revisit from time to time. And now I am on a quest to unearth more material from Carl Jung in an effort to see how it gels with so much other information I’ve been toting around over the years, wondering what new ideas might arise from all of that for me to further flesh out my understanding of our shared human condition. Because I’m a sufferer too…and I feel very driven to grasp what I am able, though I also understand that much of what we’re searching for cannot come solely by way of intellectual efforts.