“Alain de Botton: Status Anxiety”

Food for thought for the evening:

“American Psychosis (written by Chris Hedges)”

Devchelle2 read a portion of Chris Hedges’ book Empire of Illusions: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle that I just have to store here and share elsewhere with others:

I’ve been a big fan of Chris Hedges’ work for several years now and own (and have completely read) the book mentioned above, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (can’t recommend that one highly enough), I Don’t Believe in Atheists, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (very important read), and Losing Moses on the Freeway. I also have his book Collateral Damage in my collection but haven’t completed it thus far. VERY good author whose experience as a war correspondent provides such amazing insight, not to mention the clarity he brings to making sense of America’s social and political predicament.

And the man who made that video above deserves recognition for his awesomeness in helping get the word out. Very inspiring.

“Awaken from the Culture Time For Change (Terence Mckenna, Joe Rogan)”

YTer Carpo719 linked the following video so I’m watching tonight:

Food for thought…

I’m actually rethinking my past dismissal of Joe Rogan. Didn’t give him enough of a chance and haven’t listened to his podcasts beyond a few minutes. Will have to look deeper into what he’s put out into the world, out of curiosity. Because I completely agree with his trouble accepting the official story of building 7 on 9/11/01 — it’s bothered me since the first time I watched the footage. I’ve listened to countless arguments attempting to support how a building could fall like that without controlled demolition, but I remain unconvinced by all of these arguments.

We’re being lied to, that much I do know. What actually happened on 9/11? I don’t know, but I know enough to clearly see that the official story put out by the government is bullshit. Felt this way for a looong time now and looked far and wide for explanations, but all I keep coming up with are desperate attempts to deny the reality presented in the visual footage that originally aired. I can’t even bring myself to debate these lies anymore. It’s just a bunch of wishful thinking on the part of people who can’t cope with the idea of how thoroughly we’ve been duped. But it’s not the first time and won’t be the last. This is the way governments function once they get massive. History on up to the present continues teaching us this. It’s too big to where it’s guaranteed to fail. This has so far always been the fate of empires.

So many lies and cover-ups. I don’t like to call it “conspiracy theory” since that term’s been used to death. I personally refer to it as an “inquiry into collusion” because collusion is absolutely known to us to be going on. Those with the most power aim to keep it and grab more, so they collude with one another to do so. That factors into this situation, whether we want to accept it or not. It’s a fact. For one prominent example, look into the meeting on Jeckyll Island that concocted the formation of the Federal Reserve. This information is confirmed, right from the mouths of the men present at the meeting, documented in news reports years after it was a done deal. No one can deny the humongous impact that one decision has had on American life ever since. And it was born out of collusion. No theory needed.

Just the last 150 years alone have brought us into a whole new world. And it’s asking of us to come up with a unique way of navigating in it.

Though, I should state, I’m not a psychedelic substance user. Always felt I’d need to do stuff like that with a knowledgeable guide and in a comfortable setting where I felt safe and free to explore. And that opportunity didn’t present itself. Instead I was surrounded by wannabe-hippies, apathetics, rebellious young people seeking any kind of escape from reality, and loons (at least when it came to drug users I’ve met). I’ve never dropped acid before. Had a handful of microdots given to me randomly at a rave down at the State Palace Theater in New Orleans once upon a time, and I handed them back. Just not my deal, not so far. Tried a little bit of shrooms a couple times, once as a teen in shroom-aid though I barely drank any, and then a couple years ago with a gal I met at the bar and her boyfriend in a shady hotel room. Needless to say, I didn’t take much and immediately returned home a short ways away to lie beside my partner where I did feel safe. Laid in the dark and observed colorful designs pretty much reminiscent of tie-dyes and fractals. Then fell asleep. Can’t say I regret the experience, but also can’t claim to have gotten much out it. So I’m left listening to what others have to say about psychedelics and observing those I know who’ve had a lot of experiences with them. One thing I’m sure of is that acid can be overdone. Met several people a few hits over the line. Messed them up.

Always been skittish toward that kind of shit. Context and environment really seem to matter when partaking in those sorts of experiences. The dreaded “bad trip” sounded like something to seriously avoid at all costs.

Anyway, just not my cup of tea. And I think many of us are overdoing mary jane too. Overuse isn’t consequence-free, I don’t believe. Or maybe not all people’s brain cells are created equal. Pretty sure mine would benefit from no more than low exposure. Some folks I know who are into the ganja make it the center of their lifestyle. Smoke it morning, noon, and night. That’s one way to totally tune out, if you can function like that. Observation demonstrates most of those don’t fair terribly well past age 50. Get loopy, really lazy, dampened ambitions, less able to clearly track complex conversations and inquiries and then articulate meaningful insight in response. That winds up hindering them.

Things worth thinking about.

I took to beer and cigarettes and am obviously not claiming to be operating at an optimal level. LOL  I tune out/chill out in my own ways more than I probably ought too. Because it dulls us down, robs us of ambition, allows us to care a little less. Has it’s definite upside too, at least in the beginning. Consequences there tend to be cumulative.

Just sharing things that go through my mind…

Interesting video nevertheless.


Rewatching part of this film before bed tonight.


Food for thought from the makers of the film “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

“In the age of Snowden, humanity is now redefined. We are not citizens, we are subjects to be monitored. We are not humans beings, we are resources…”

CHistrue’s video “Remaining Human in the Age of Snowden Part I”:

“Remaining Human in the Age of Snowden Part 2”:

“Remaining Human in the Age of Snowden Part 3”:

“Cover-ups in Modern History”:

Love this man’s channel. CHistrue is also on Google+. (Looks like his videos currently have embedding disabled, so click on the links to watch them on YT.)

Toxic America: Obesity, Depression and Domestication

Another video podcast uploaded by Stefan Molyneux:

Appreciated that one.

Dialogue between Dr. Corey Anton and Stefan Molyneux (on Capitalism, Materialism, Freedom, and Death)

What a treat. Tonight I stumbled across this clip of Professor Corey Anton talking with Stefan Molyneux:

I’ve watched numerous videos posted by Prof. Anton and recommend his channel to others. Recently Stefan came back across my radar and now, lo and behold, I find these two are familiar with one another. And this is why I appreciate youtube.

“The Century of the Self”

This film is one of my personal favorites, offered by the BBC and titled “The Century of the Self”:


Key name to take away from this video: Edward Bernays, the grandfather of American public relations (a.k.a. propaganda) and nephew of Sigmund Freud. Very important information there that tells us so much about the last American century and how we as a people have wound up where we now sit.

What if the world embodied our highest potential?

“What if the world embodied our highest potential?” A film uploaded by goodnesstv:

What if the world embodied our highest potential? by goodnesstv

Too bad Obama was just kidding around and so many fell for it. Aside from that though, this is largely a peace-invoking, thought-provoking 23-minute film about humanity and the power of love.

But in critique I offer this. “Why don’t we walk left instead of right?” That quote stood out to me. Why don’t we walk forward instead of backward? Why must everything loop back around to right and left, red and blue? Hey, why don’t we give those words a rest for a while, maybe retire them for a decade or so and consider the possibility that maybe —just maybe— life needn’t be viewed as a duel involving opposing teams? We know there are far more than 2 perspectives deserving attention; furthermore, all this ‘duality talk’ dumbs us down and oversimplifies complex problems we’re all suffering from in one way or another. The duality bullshit gives us an easy out, a team to side with to avoid thinking critically for ourselves. Why not say fuck the Right and the Left? I’d be happy to live the rest of my life never again hearing our political forum reduced down to dumb and dumber talking heads. What are they even saying anymore? Nothing but divisive shit.