“Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order”

Today listening to part 2 of Jordan Peterson’s series on the Bible:

I appreciate his attempt to bring biblical stories back into relevance by examining them through a modern psychological lens. Very interesting stuff.

“Joe Rogan Talks About the Biggest Unsolved Mystery Of All Time”

And then youtube went and removed the video clip in question, so in its place I’ll have to post the entire 3-hour podcast. Dammit.

The portion in question (which I’ll have to find on there later) was an excellent conversation between those three.

“Alan Watts – Do YOU do it, or does IT do you?”

A 3+ hour audio recording of Alan Watts titled “Do You Do It, Or Does It Do You?”:

Next part on “The Art of Meditation”:

Listened to clips from these but am glad to have found the complete talks.

Food for thought from Professor Anton

Throughout the day re-watching videos when time permits, flipping through Prof. Corey Anton’s youtube channel again tonight, as I like to do fairly regularly. Following are a few I’m glad to stumble back across.

“Larger Implications of Youtube”:

“Information, relevance, and great acts”:

“Corey Anton: The Lie of Standing Alone”:

“Corey Anton: Stoic Virtues (Ancient & Modern)”:

“Corey Anton: Neo-Stoicism in the Modern World”:

“Corey Anton: Solving Psychological Problems (Logotherapy)”:

“Corey Anton: We Become What We Think of Ourselves”:

“Corey Anton: Ambiguity, Suffering, & the Atheist/Theist Debate”:

“Corey Anton: Self-Esteem & Reality Confidence (On Calibration)”:

“Corey Anton: Meaning Junkies & the Courage to Need Little”:

“Why I am not an Atheist”:

“What is a Wasted Life?”:

He has so many awesome videos worth taking time with.

“Nathaniel Branden: Overcoming Barriers to Romantic Love”

“The Science Delusion”

Tonight I am listening to Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDx Talk titled “The Science Delusion”:

Was tuned into that video while perusing this blog post, as was recommended today by an internet peep.

Apparently this TEDx Talk created drama over at TED headquarters. Oy! (And wouldn’t you know P.Z. Myers was among those who threw a fit.  eyebrow )

“Being an Arrogant Bastard”

Eric Orwoll’s “Being an Arrogant Bastard”:

Posted this months ago, then he made it private, so I deleted the post. Now his video is public once again, so there it was. Watched a bunch of his stuff, some of which I grasp, some of which I struggle to. But the gist is followable.

Shakespeare doesn’t ring my bell — a bit overrated, if you ask me. But whatever, the gist there is caught too.

Patience is needed, people are too quick to jump to conclusions. What’s wrong with chewing on ideas for a while?

Nice to see others pondering life and possibilities.


One man pondering reality

A fantastic video I wandered across tonight:

Which I came across via this playlist.