Dr. Sadler’s take on “A Stand for Democracy in a Digital Age” declaration

Dr. Sadler offered up this video in mid-December, titled “Philosogeek Reflections on the Technosphere #4: ‘A Stand for Democracy in a Digital Age'”:

A good video I watched a week or so ago and want to save here to share with others. It’s a tricky subject.

Been thinking about the PRISM ordeal lately. Modern life is headed somewhere I’m seriously uncomfortable with…but how could this train be stopped?

Welcome to the technological age.  straight_face

Dinner and a lecture on Marcuse

Another thought-provoking lecture (circa 1993) from Duke Professor Rick Roderick on the writings (“One-Dimensional Man”; 1964) and attitudes expressed by German philosopher Herbert Marcuse:

Didn’t know a thing about Marcuse before today, so far as I can recollect.

Alienation. Rationalization. Banalization. I’d say those three pretty much hit on the head what we’ve been confronting so long as I’ve been alive.

On the menu this evening were sauteed beer brats, steamed green beans, and microwaved easy mac. And now I’m off to work once again for about an hour.