“Wouldn’t be Christmas without large scale black mob violence at malls”

Saw some footage of this on CBS earlier while picking up dinner.

Some 2015 footage of other mall violence episodes:

A lengthier compilation video:

Videos from Colin Flaherty (part 1)

Colin Flaherty with Gavin McInnes at compound media:

Does this incident in Waterloo, Iowa, look like a good example of police brutality to anybody out there? Doesn’t to me:

Yet the media seemed to take issue with that officer’s actions and speech.

On violence at Temple University:

In response to a Philadelphia columnist:

Examples of black people harassing, robbing and even raping old white people:

And his channel goes on and on and on in showcasing news stories of this sort. Interesting to take in and ponder on.

Out of time tonight. May post up more later.