“Ep. 148 – Neil Strauss: The Truth About Relationships”

A very good podcast from James Altucher featuring the author and former PUA (pick-up artist) Neil Strauss:


Listened to the audio version of his book The Truth a month or two ago and found it very intriguing. Would share it with certain others if they’d be open to reading it or giving it a listen. Struggled/struggling with some similar issues as Neil. I do feel where he’s coming from and our paths share a few similarities, though my own journey is veering in a somewhat different direction. Still working my thoughts and emotions out on that one.

Good food for thought regardless. The man earned my respect for his willingness to be so introspective, publicly transparent, and raw.


“Joe Rogan on Rape Culture and Feminism”

An excerpt from a Joe Rogan podcast on Rape Culture and Feminism:

Came across this clip tonight. See, it’s this type of shit,  the cases they’re discussing and how off the hook the Law has become in the U.S., that just grinds my gears. This is Orwell’s nightmare unfolding right before our eyes. And it’s this type of nonsense, along with so much else, that really makes me nervous about the future. We’re anxiety-ridden because we should be. This shit’s unnerving.

I don’t want the government deciding for me about my sex life and whether I’m able to consent to sex after having a few drinks. And I don’t want to see the sexes wind up completely polarized because they’re being taught to regard one another as the enemy on various fronts. It’s not cool for college administrators to set up tribunals to handle sex crime allegations on campuses — if it’s a criminal matter with criminal consequences, shouldn’t the criminal justice system be the ones handling these cases? Yes.

Look, I really do get how blurry the lines can be when it comes to sex, especially when alcohol is involved, but people are losing their minds over all of this. We all are confronted with consequences to our choices and actions whether we like it or not. I’m a barhound with a decade of experience with hook-ups and the games people play, and I have to say that there really is a difference between sex that wasn’t very good or a guy being a bit of a jerk versus a true-blue rape occurring. People keep screwing around with this term “rape” to where now it’s become so watered down that it can mean practically anything, and that does more harm than good for folks who truly and really were sadistically violated. This does a disservice to all of us.

Furthermore, we women do have voices. We can say “no.” We really can. And we can be forceful about it. We can turn and leave. We can reject advances. If you put a man in his place firmly, he’s not likely to go ahead and attack you. And if he was then you’d be up the creek without a paddle anyway if you’re trapped in a private space with him. Some guys will go ahead and push on, and that’s not cool if you’re serious about wanting it to stop, but I have to say that I think we females can put out a bunch of mixed messages. And that gets us into talk about gender roles and males being more inclined to pursue because women tend to like to be pursued, but I’m not opening that can of worms tonight.

The thing is that sexuality is a complex affair, yet people seem to think they can somehow “sanitize” it through legal means. I don’t think they can. It’s just going to go off the rails more than it has already and further polarize the sexes since everybody’s being taught to be terrified of getting screwed over. Being held down and treated like your feelings don’t matter does suck. But I’d argue not as much as being punched and painfully violated and menaced to the point where you honestly think your life is in jeopardy. Yet people want to conflate these as if they’re one and the same and warrant the same level of punishment, as if there’s no discernible difference between the degrees of the threat posed. Then we bring in this notion that all sex needs to be kept sober or else it too qualifies as rape and is punishable to the same extent and it just gets frickin’ ridiculous.

People can be cruel, and that’s not cool. But this aim to demonize everybody else is alienating and will only exacerbate the tensions. What we need is more respect flowing in all directions right about now, not another excuse for a witch-hunt or more laws on the books. But that’s my pipe dream. Surely we’ll keep right on plowing our way to hell, like we always do. Then however many decades down the line people will be reminiscing about the good times back when people still could love one another. Or perhaps they will have forgotten what love even is by then. Maybe they’ll consider pornographic, rapey sex to be the norm and the segregated sexes will treat one another with scorn. And maybe they’ll all be sitting around monitors, taking in the required doses of propaganda while being monitored, made terrified to step out of line in any way and risk being labeled a criminal. And maybe all of life will turn topsy-turvy and the language and historical knowledge will be manipulated to where nothing makes sense anymore other than to do as you’re told. Maybe. Doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it once did, does it?

“Joe Rogan Experience #634 – Abby Martin”

REALLY enjoyed that podcast. Very worthwhile.

James Altucher on radical honesty (plus my thoughts)

An interesting podcast titled “Ask Altucher Ep 81 What Are You Reading Right Now”:

The portion I share for purposes here occurs beyond the 10:00 mark. Radical honesty. Hmmmm… I have ALL SORTS of thoughts on that topic. And I dug where James was coming from there, as someone who’s shared more than I ought to on too many occasions. Yup. The idea of being radically honest with oneself I can get behind, but James is right about putting the burden over onto someone else, particularly the ones we love. Mea culpa there.

Living and learning is a tough process. Heaps of thoughts on the topic of cheating (from all angles) have played on my mind for years. Continue reading

“Joe Rogan Podcast #310 – Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist)” (plus my thoughts)

A discussion between Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson filmed in 2013:

Really appreciated that conversation.  clap  Wonderful to see Dr. Tyson able to speak casually at length about everything from popular conspiracy theories to environmental change and the possibility of lifeforms out in the universe.

About 1:40:00 into the podcast, I especially liked how Dr. Tyson hit on the probability of life on Earth originally being seeded by matter introduced from without, namely from Mars which appears to have once been Earth-like. Always wondered about that too, if Mars could’ve seeded our planet.

And I found it very fascinating when they were discussing how the universe seems to make nothing solitary, how everything comes in pairs or more, so when we back up further and further, from multiple universes to multiple multiverses and so on, how that basically trails off into infinity. That’s something else I’ve been pondering a while now, and I tie it in with my understanding of string theory and quantum physics and how perspective seems to be key in how we relate to anything and everything. Like when Dr. Tyson was talking about the clouds and how we commonly observe them versus how much is actually going on within them that we couldn’t historically detect. Obviously I’m a total layperson who’s learned more about “hard” and physical sciences outside of college (aside from a course on zoology and half a semester of physics), but this stuff’s always captivated me on some level so I read and comprehend what I can on these and related subjects. Then I mesh it together with what I’ve learned about biological sciences and then social sciences, the latter being my own emphasis. And I just keep seeing all these patterns, from micro to macro and on back to micro depending on perspective taken, and how these “layers” (for lack of a better term) can appear calm from a distance but appear chaotic up-close and personal. And I swear it divides out in SO many ways, from physicalism (to borrow a term from the book War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality) on down to human social relations and the intricacies of our psychological and social functioning from within an individual and among them, spanning out to mass group dynamics of most-modern times. So many things that are difficult to measure once you get to the social and psychological end of the spectrum of human life, but also in analyzing animal life and its myriad of social formations and trans-species interworkings. Then on down to pondering the energy vibrations that make up matter.

It’s all rather cool to me. Can’t probably speak intelligibly in depth on these sorts of things, but I dig them and look into them and like to let my imagination roll over the possibilities.

Fractals, yes.

And this is partly why I’ve found space exploration somewhat humorous. I’m with Dr. Tyson on considering it folly to strive to terraform Mars since the amount of energy and technology needed for that could very likely be better used in serving our interests here on Earth. Though I’m not one to concern myself greatly with the continuation of our species. Just sayin’. But for as illuminating as I’ve found space exploration to be, I’ve always wondered if eventually—combined with our research into everything on Earth, including exploring lifeforms in the ocean depths and in Earth’s crust—it will all lead us to realize the “sanctity” of the lives we’ve been “blessed” with. Putting those words in quotations since I know people are sensitive to them, but they come to life when we also take into consideration the role of consciousness and our higher development in that arena. Makes me wonder if this will all someday drive us back to appreciating the basics, recognizing we have this life to live and no guarantees beyond that, but that there is a balance to be reached in some sort of way in order to find some amount of peace, recognizing that though we each are so small and seemingly inconsequential, we really are amazing creatures with so much potential who make living interesting. If nothing else, that’s what we are. Gives me a bit of comfort when I arrive back around to that conclusion periodically.  smile  Can’t explain why exactly — just does.

Maybe more of us will learn to love one another in better ways and to appreciate one another’s humanity and significance. Maybe not, but for those who do, I consider them blessed. We have been bestowed a gift and a curse as human beings, but life is what it is and we don’t get to choose the nature of “objective” reality — we can merely work within it with one another.

Dr. Tyson’s talks always refill me with appreciation for humanity. Not sure exactly why. (Not that I don’t expect us to drive our species over a cliff in due time, but still.) Maybe it’s his infectious way of spreading curiosity and encouraging us to explore for ourselves and to not be limited in doing so. All I know is I genuinely appreciate the man and his insights and the information and ideas he shares.

Also becoming a bit of a fan of Joe Rogan, slowly but steadily. Never much was into the Fear Factor show, but then again, I don’t subscribe to cable and so didn’t see it often. Liked most of what I’ve watched from him online thus far.

The foolery of Stefan Molyneux

I’m aware Stefan Molyneux (a podcaster on FreeDomain Radio) was a speaker at the recent AVFM convention up near Detroit and have watched the video footage. Hmm… You want my honest reaction? Why was he ever invited? Won’t deny he came across as very charismatic and funny in places, BUT…he’s a weirdo and a liar promoting bad/false ideas (the baseless claim that average women hit their 7 month-4 year old children over 900 times a year sounds accurate to anybody out there, really? How loosely must we define “hitting”?), not to mention is a true-blue sexist. Care for a few examples?

Following are excerpts pulled from his podcasts (date and podcast numbers are listed on each video so you can verify the content and context yourself, courtesy of Tru Shibes).

[SERIOUSLY? Got Tru Shibes’ channel shut down. tongue_out  Commies. Well nevermind then. Not much to see here except comments to videos that no longer exist, aside from the ones I found mirrors for.]

“The ‘World’s Greatest Philosopher’ explains HooHoo-nomics theory … including difficult concepts like vagina firing squads, giant testicle mashers, and irresponsible wombs”:

“Estrogen Based Parasites” [found a mirror for this one]:

“Stefan Molyneux expects his wife to financially support his dreams of podcasting about how women are parasites that use men financially”:


When his wife met him, he’d been unemployed for two years. Yet his major gripe to the world is how women parasitically live off of men? Sounds pretty hypocritical.

Keeping that in mind…

“Molyneux Complains Wife and Child Are ‘Money Detonators'” [found a mirror of this one]:

Care to see something really weird?

Stefan to Physicists: “Go get a real job!!” [found a mirror of this one]:

Yup. He really said all that, a mere 4 months ago.

Why MRAs would want to consider him on “their team,” I do not know:


That was Stefan Molyneux arguing in favor of calling the cops in order to thwart a pal from cheating on her significant other. Huh. I’m not too cool with that suggestion right there. Noooo. He’s trippin’! How is someone’s consensual sex life a police matter? Because she had a few drinks and chose to willingly engage in sex with a man, how the FUCK is that police business? For someone to claim to be an anarcho-capitalist while advocating that the State be brought into personal matters that don’t concern it — wow. Just wow. Why? Because the sanctity of our romantic commitments require police enforcement? What the hell? That completely boggles my mind. She had a few drinks, yes, but she was coherent and resisted her drinking buddy’s intervention, so that’s it, she made her choice. It is what it is, but most certainly isn’t a reason in this case to call the police (and yes, I listened to a large portion of the actual podcast before jumping to conclusions). Frickin’ busybodies…

In other news, this man claims to have never felt a need to defend himself physically and assumes the majority of us out here are also in the same camp:


My brain shuts down after a while. Watched a few of his podcasts in the past but chose to move on. Appears that our worldviews are fundamentally incompatible.

From my vantage point, after directly checking out some of his stuff over several months, he’s ultimately a corporatist paying lip service to “free market” ideas. He doesn’t really want the State to disappear, not at all, he just wants to see it privatized, recognizing we live in a time of transnational corporate expansion and its increasing global political domination. Much as I protest government’s size, scope, and general disconnect from the will(s) of the citizenry, I have ZERO INTEREST in turning over all power to what will amount to corporate rulers. Fuck that. Sounds like a worse fate to me. But apparently not to him.

[Bummer that the videos were removed.]

“Woman, Be Silent!” (plus my thoughts)

Tonight finishing listening to The Thinking Atheists’s podcast titled “Woman, Be Silent!”:

Rarely do I listen to podcasts of any sort, but I found this one interesting. Was already familiar with pretty much everything mentioned therein, but it was still worthwhile to listen to. I like the podcaster’s style and his decency toward guests. Very refreshing, especially for an atheist (just keeping it real). Provided me with food for thought.

Like the story of Lilith, which I’ve known about for several years but never really deeply studied up on. Should do that. (Btw, hence “Lilith Fairs” attended by feminists and lesbians.) The way I interpret that story is it represents the pre-domesticated woman.

See, this rise of civilization has been all about domestication. First humans aimed to domesticate animals, then came humans, with the rise in male-dominated (religious) hierarchies taking the role of domesticator of womenfolk (that being my current thoughts and understanding on that anyway). Just the way history shook out. And the “wild woman” is something that’s been demonized pretty heavily ever since. Sad fact of life apparently, says one modern wildish woman out in the crowd. The wild woman couldn’t be properly broken, which is a big reason why she’s been written out of history and left forgotten in religious circles — no one wants to speak her name except when condemning her. She’s considered a pain in the ass, unwilling to submit. Fell out of favor for a long time, yet, that spirit seems to be brewing back around again, though commonly in a distorted way that proves to be what some consider excessively hedonistic and promiscuous. Guess it comes down to one’s perspective on the matter. This is a time of sexual liberation but also of learning consequences resulting thereof. Can and does present tough lessons to reckon with.

I’ve been thinking about all of this wild woman vs. domesticated woman stuff for quite a long time as I’ve been forced to wrestle with my own lifestyle’s impact on myself and others. And I’m still left with a lot of mixed feelings.

On one hand, the push toward domestication disgusts me — it feels too unnatural, too restrictive at times, too often rendering what was once on some level regarded as sacred into popularized rubbish. Our needs aren’t apparently getting met, hence why we’re so prone to continue deceiving one another. We feel the need to explore despite it not being considered socially proper during certain life phases. And I’d argue we’re being driven into one another’s arms sexually all the more because so many of our other bonds have broken down. What at first seems like rampant hedonism on the surface might actually be a glimpse at the reality created through the utilization of remaining avenues of exploration and connection in a time when so much else is denied or rendered foreign to us. It’s a thought.

And on the other hand, there is a real need for self-control in each individual. We can’t just give into any and all impulses and whims — doing so will undermine the very values that we claim to esteem. Like loyalty and romantic faithfulness in a union. Most people can’t help but care about this (though I personally remain on the fence and in the outfield on the subject — double standards admittedly continue twisting me up). We value certain bonds over others, and each relationship sets its own parameters. But there still appears to be this need to deny desires at times so as to focus that energy on projects deserving to be catered to or bonds willfully being committed to. Because that’s the way life goes — we each have social needs and obligations. That requires a give and a take, which means not doing everything we might individually want whenever it strikes our fancy.

I know I personally struggle with some of this, as one highly individualistic and defiant one out in the bunch. Blame it on my immaturity if you must, but I’m still not sold on where to go from here. While I know that I don’t desire to resume my previous lifestyle since it wound up leading into some dark places, I’m not so interested in pretending to be someone I’m not in an effort to appease someone else’s ideal. Can’t do it anymore. Tried and crashed and burned. Epic and sad failure on my part.

I just don’t know what to do now other than take time to think and sort and ponder.

Getting back to the podcast, I really appreciate how well the podcaster treated the female Methodist pastor. Very respectful despite their differences in perspectives. My family is Methodist, and it is more lenient than Baptist faiths I encountered down South. Just to throw it out there, my ex-husband had been raised and home-schooled in a Primitive Baptist family where his father became a preacher. His father didn’t tolerate women wearing pants either, and he believed it was within his right to continue belting his adult daughters, to mistreat his sons, and to punish his wife physically. Very full of himself. So yeah, I understand much variation exists out there, especially comparing Southern experiences to liberal Christians up here in the Midwest. Big differences.

Also, I too appreciated Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book Infidel and would recommend it to others as food for thought. Very disturbing and illuminating read.

[Lightly edited on 10/7/2014 for greater clarity.]

Violence is committed by humans, not males exclusively (as is evident)

Watched a few of bane666au’s videos before and listening to this one currently, “Violence is not something done by men, its something done by humans”:

At the 12:38 mark now. Not big into listening to talk radio/podcasts…but I get that it’s illustrating Australian mainstream attitudes.

Since I’ve been on youtube it’s been interesting observing how European and Australian “mainstreams” seem a little more “liberal” than our “mainstream” in the U.S. Not that the terms “liberal” and “conservative” are very meaningful anymore, but just sayin’ that Europe and Australia actually appear to be way more into feminism. Blame John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and a history brimming with rebellion for masculinity not being completely castrated over here yet. But give people time. Ever greater ‘domestication’ appears to be coming for all whether we like it or not.

Now finished, I dug the second half’s conversation and am in total agreement that violence is a human issue, not merely a men’s issue, and it deserves to be treated as such. Not all forms of violence divvy up equally between the sexes obviously, but still the fact remains that humans are a potentially violent lot. That’s just the way it is.

Hence why I never fully grasp those who take my videos as me castigating males for being potentially violent. They are. As am I. Such is life. My own concern has more to do with how we’re unnecessarily pushing one another’s buttons and creating more contention than need be. Life’s hard enough without us all jumping to take sides and go to “war” with one another over every social issue in sight, and through all the antagonism going ’round I do expect more violent outbreaks in fed-up individuals going forward. That applies to both males and females. Sometimes I’m focusing on males, other times I’m focusing on females, and oftentimes I’m just thinking about people in general. Violence happens. Always has, always will. It’s more a question of why and how and to what extreme.

Toxic America: Obesity, Depression and Domestication

Another video podcast uploaded by Stefan Molyneux:

Appreciated that one.