Work and ruminations

Today I’m tending to an older dog who’s managed to dislocate her shoulder a day after her owners left town. Awaiting the earliest appointment time the clinic has available this morning to roll around. Bummer that this occurred on my watch, but according to the owner this happens sometimes. All it took was running up and down the stairs in the backyard for it to get popped out of joint. So, in a couple hours I’ll take her in to get fixed up. Thankfully I didn’t have a busy day scheduled since I have no idea how long this might take to remedy.

So that’s how today started off. Comes with the territory of what I do for a living. Always a possibility that problems like this might arise.

Am very tired though. Had trouble sleeping last night. Really not feeling good inside the last few days. But not much can be done about that aside from waiting for the passage of time. […]


Update: False alarm. Turns out she just must’ve jammed her elbow or shoulder running up and down the stairs, but there was no dislocation. Received a prednisone shot and a few prednisone pills to take home for tomorrow and beyond. Thank goodness.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Good to hear! It sucks when you’re responsible for someone’s pet (or worse, kid) (or less worse, stuff) and something happens “on your watch.” I was house-sitting decades ago and killed their fish (by overfeeding — they looked hungry). At least I didn’t hurt the cats.

    • Byenia says:

      My neighbors fucked up my Betta fish one time, years ago. Survived but his bowl was severely jacked up. Crazily so. heh Disgusting to clean afterward.

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