Looks like youtube ran off another one

irked_smilies  Fucking youtube. And frickin’ douchebags in the comment sections. God, you’d think they’d take a rest sometimes from all the hatin’, but they never do.

A young vlogger who goes by the handle AwesomeRants has decided to leave youtube because it’s not proving emotionally healthy at this stage in her life, having just entered college and coming to terms with her sexuality and basically just needing to work out her own ideas the way young people need to. I’m so glad youtube wasn’t around when I was her age, nor were phones you could connect to the internet on. We mostly had blogs and forums to entertain ourselves, so we spent most of our time reading and writing to one another. And I think that was better for us.

[Having a Weird Al moment.  ha!]

So glad I didn’t stumble into the social realms of youtube until around 2011, by then age 29-30 and more secure in my beliefs and arguments than I would’ve been as a teen or a young college student. Hell, I didn’t get my first computer until the year 2000 during my freshman year in college and only on rare occasions was able to access friends’ before then.

And I don’t regret any of that. Was good for us to get up and go outside and spend face-time or phone-time with friends and relatives. Now I live a long ways from most folks I know, going through a spell where I prefer to stay to myself for the most part, hence why I am online so much now. But I’ve been online steadily ever since purchasing that first Dell desktop computer, so I see how it’s changed, for better and worse. Still tons of porn accessible on this thing, a great deal of it offered for free (with no age verification required — which disturbs me plenty, though it’s always pretty much been that way). Tons of gamers on here too, though that’s not new either. But as of 2006, Youtube hit the scene and it changed the way we can communicate with one another. Then Google sold out and lost its mind and bought up a bunch of other sites including Youtube.

Back before I began bumming around youtube, I used to read a lot more. A whole lot more.

When I first came across youtube’s social spheres, I was excited by the opportunity to possibly meet others who are like-minded in some ways so as to share resources (like book titles, film recommendations, ideas to ponder), but very soon my journey there devolved into fussing and feuding with asshats and ideologues. And that was my fault since I put in my $.02 on comment threads related to the men’s rights initiative and then posted a video of my own where I briefly explained why I was no longer a feminist. Then it just got weirder from there.

It’s been an interesting journey into this whole so-called “manosphere,” though I’ll be the first to say the place is littered with jerks with attitude problems. If their goal is to out-sass internet feminists, they’re doing a damn fine job. Doesn’t actually help their cause much since so much divisive nonsense tends to wear on people. Seems like every time those boys get wind of a feminist or even a woman attempting to promote their efforts, they just go nuts on her. Start demanding that she prove herself if she’s supporting them, or just tearing her down if she supports feminism. Nevermind if she’s young and learning and likely to change her views a number of times as the years roll on.

There is a lot of negativity there, I can’t deny it. More than I experienced among the feminists even, though they tended to prefer ignoring dissenting voices where as “manospherians” like to attack anything and everything a person says. Keyboard warriors…that’s what most of them are. I have to assume a lot of those guys are young too or they wouldn’t knee-jerk reactively as they’re so prone to do. I’ve been trying to hear them out, but so many of them just seem to be spoiling for a fight, and I’m feisty but get tired of being given a hard time over nothing.

Hmmm…I can understand why someone would see this shit as toxic. Because it is. I tolerate it, but that’s because I’m apparently crazy. ha  No reason for intelligent young people with potential to do so though. She’s probably better off moving on and enjoying her life outside of these hive-minded corners of the internet. I get it. Just kinda sad that reasonable, decent people don’t want to stick around because assholes spoil it for everyone. So many good people don’t pipe up because they don’t want to deal with being called out by others with no greater ambitions than to nit-pick and spray insults.

It gets a person thinking about what’s the point of this big waste of time. How much real value does it contain? Is there value in standing up to and exposing jackassery, or is it a lost cause? I don’t know. But I don’t pretend to have much direction at this stage in life. Just watching the wheels go ’round and ’round, going to work and coming back home, chillin’ online while sipping my brews.

But I’m glad she decided to break out of that, at least for a while. Good for her. She’s got better things to do.

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  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    As I think I mentioned to you a long time ago, I’ve never been a huge fan of videos. Part of that is due to severe hearing loss, but a larger part is due to it generally being a hugely inefficient way to exchange textual information. Speech is terribly redundant, and very few people speak well extemporaneously. I have found that some science videos with diagrams and prepared scripts can be quite interesting, and it’s largely those that keeps me on YT.

    Still, it’s information I could usually pick up a lot faster given reading material. But one thing that makes YT attractive is how it provides other videos related to the one you just saw. That brings things to your attention you might not seek out from a standing start.

    Plus, when I decided to try to fix my shower control, YT provided some very helpful videos that gave me the confidence to try it on my own (successfully, as it turned out). And I enjoy the funny movie reviews (such as on the Cinema Sins and Screen Junkies channels).

    So, humor is good, science and technology is good, well-planned stuff with visual accompaniment is good, but when it comes to watching someone speak about about their opinions, I’d really rather read.

    But that’s just my take on it… I also can’t abide audio books for essentially the same reasons. Bottom line for me: I do not readily absorb spoken information.

    Perhaps more to the point, when it comes to science and technology and humor (and even movie reviews), the behavior of commenters is much better than in social and opinion topics. Even so, there still manage to be haters and assholes (and trolls). It just goes with the territory.

    I’ve been online since the mid-1980s, and there were always haters and assholes (and trolls). Back then, the internet was mostly the stomping ground for computer people and academics and scientists, and a good education (plus experience in the real world) tends to smooth out some of those rough spots.

    Now the “unwashed multitudes” are all on the interweb, so the mix is quite different. The same phenomenon that gives (some) people the “courage” to flip you the bird from the safety of their car (but wouldn’t dream of doing it to your face) operates on the internet. The anonymity and safety of the keyboard allows people to unleash their inner asshole. Plus we live in an obscenely anger-producing era (there is just so much to be pissed off about), plus we live in a violent era (our media steeps us in it daily), plus we live in a highly polarized era.

    All those things combine to create the YT landscape.

    The trick may be to take from YT what you find valuable and not treat it as a very nice or safe place socially. I almost never bother reading the comment section there. The social media idea that I should care about other peoples’ opinions is not one that ever really took with me.

    Look at it this way: would you walk into a strange dive bar, get up on stage and pour out your innermost feelings? And if you did, would you expect to be treated with gentleness?

    • Byenia says:

      Comment sections take on a life of their own. And as for the social realm on YT, I don’t expect you to follow it or understand. It’s all good, Wyrd. Probably best to avoid all that nonsense anyway.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        I’m not sure what you mean when you say you don’t expect me to follow it or understand (I’m having difficulty not interpreting as somewhat insulting). Whatever you mean, I’m always open to being educated!

        • Byenia says:

          I just mean it’s YT drama that most people wouldn’t want to keep up with, and that it’s understandable to not care about it.

          • Wyrd Smythe says:

            Gotcha. There’s the general behavior of people online, which is one topic, and there’s the specific battle ground of socio-political-gender areas that, pretty much like guns and abortion and religion, are almost impossible to discuss in the current polarized and aggressive climate.

            (I would argue that — for most — any comment section anywhere is a poor venue for such things. The little comment boxes and general use of smart phones don’t lend themselves to detailed discussion. Not impossible, but challenging. It’s a telling point, I think, that we live in an era where “TL;DR” is an actual thing.)

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