Friends don’t let friends buy electronic kitty litter boxes


Doesn’t matter the make or design…



…they all suck. That is my opinion as someone who has to deal with these contraptions periodically. Always break down eventually, yet people spent so much that they don’t want to throw it away and so instead continue using it unplugged. But most cats react poorly to it, IME, pooing on the sides or tinkling outside of the pan. They don’t like it, and I don’t like it. Harder and messier to scoop. Impossible to thoroughly sanitize thanks to all the grooves and crevices plus the electronic components. In my experience, they never work as hoped, not beyond an initial short amount of time. And cats seem prone to rebel against them, so it looks like we’re still better off buying a simple pan and quality litter and scooping manually. No biggie. Not typically a difficult chore.

Though I have taken notice of how many cats around the 12+ year mark are coming up with renal failure. Very sad situation. And a contraption like those above only further complicates the matter, in my experience.

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