Weird Al to the rescue

Consider him the comedic Jim Dandy.

Been a long month. Time to blow it out with some Weird Al Yankovic tunes, since that’s how I roll.  ha

He has a new album released just a couple weeks ago titled Mandatory Fun, and here are a few of its tracks:

“Word Crimes”:

“Conjugizzle.”  LOL!

Might have already posted that on the blog elsewhere, but ah well. Way better than the original “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke or all the other parodies that came before, combined. This is probably my favorite so far from Weird Al’s new stuff. Not that I can successfully avoid butchering the English language, try as I might. But whatever, the song cracks me up regardless. Loved that beat and am glad to now have lyrics worth listening to accompanying it. woot lol  Very groovy.


“First World Problems”:



Al never loses his touch.  biggrin_green

“Mission Statement”:

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