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A few videos I’ve appreciated from Millennial Woes’ youtube channel:

“A Job’s Worth”:

“Red Pill Hubris”:

“The Smugness of Nihilistic Liberals”:

“Grading People”:

Men: How Do You Feel About Women?”:

“Paleocon Despair, Reactosphere Solutions”:

Those are the ones I got the most out of so far. The whole “reactosphere” idea is totally new to me — I know nothing really of it other than this guy and Aurini considering themselves affiliated. This vlogger said he arrived after first considering himself a paleocon.

Paleocon is a weird term considering it—like pretty much every other political term in existence today—has a double-meaning depending on who’s being asked. I (at least in theory) appreciate a paleo-paleo-paleo approach to living that involves an agrarian renaissance, brought to life in a new way in these unprecedented times we live in. Will it ever happen? Who knows? Shit can’t remain the way it is forever, so we might as well dream of the possibilities. Providing food for ourselves and learning to become more self-sustaining seems a lesson we inevitably will someday be forced to contend with. It’s all about sustainability at the end of the day, and we know what worked for humans all throughout history on up to very recent modern times and the advent of sophisticated commercial farming. We today live in such a tiny blip in time — to bet on this current setup surviving would tax every drop of human ingenuity, at a time when there’s increasing social and political dissatisfaction and disillusionment. Something’s gotta give eventually, and what alternative would there be if that were the case?

My aim is to be practical here, not whimsical or nostalgic for bygone eras. Initially struck me as a bummer coming to terms with all of this over the years, but here we are. Gotta take it as it is and think about where to possibly go from here. In my ponderings on the subject, I aim to start with the basics and work from the ground up. Gotta have food, first and foremost.

What if we could no longer support this grid (for any and all sorts of reasons)? We in the U.S. built an entire infrastructure over the last 70 years based on a dream and a prayer, losing sight of caring about future potential consequences. But how much could we really have predicted? Whole new world.

I do believe we humans have gotten in over our heads. Just a personal opinion. Life will unfold and prove the outcome in its own time. Seriously doubt the bottom will fall out completely in my lifetime since it looks like we’re headed toward nuclear power generation to bolster and make possible what’s shaping up to be mega-totalitarian States. Fun, fun. Gotta love being born in time to witness the 21st century. smoking

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