Damn! That’s some weird shit.

Was just sitting here chilling tonight when at 12:08 my phone rang. Recording spoke fast saying something about a call from an inmate at our county jail with a garbled name that kinda sounded like my companion’s in a voice I wasn’t entirely certain of, press 1 to accept, then a spiel about how if I want to accept future calls from the jail, I’ll need to sign up on their website and add credits to my account. Spelled out the website name: securustech.net, which I immediately went to check out, then boom, says the line has been disconnected, good-bye.

Sounds like a scam, so I called my companion and when he didn’t answer left a message. Got to thinking this is just some weird new phone spam bullshit, so I went to the county jail’s website to look for his name. Not there. Then went in search of info on how to contact inmates at the local jail, which I’d link to if not for caring about protecting my local privacy. BUT get this! The frickin’ county jail’s website directly links to this joke of a site! Can’t barely believe it myself. States that’s the way to pay for phonecalls with inmates held there.  (And I’ll go triple-check it right this minute, once again, to make sure I’m not tripping.)

So anyway, I then went and checked the Better Business Bureau, getting kinda weirded out by this point. Immediately it comes up as having a LOT of complaints down in Texas. So I realize I’m dealing with a shady company, but they are directly linked on my local county jail’s website (just triple-checked it, for accuracy’s sake). So damn, what now? Well, I went back to Securus Technologies’ website and decided to at least create a log-in, since WTF? That process took longer than needed and got on my nerves, but I got signed on. I DID NOT give them any credit card or financial information, just created a log-in. Looked up on their site any inmates listed and my state wasn’t even listed among those to choose from (??). So then decided fuck it, before going any further I’m driving to my companion’s place to see if he’s home. Because the man has to work tomorrow so what the heck would he be doing out and about at this hour? I got to wondering if he maybe had gone on a beer run that went bad. Imagination starts simmering and all.

On the way there passed by a cop car staking out in a parking lot. Naturally. american_smilie bitches  Even more of them out than usual since it was a holiday weekend. But my companion only lives about 15 blocks away. Thankfully I was only 2 beers into the evening — lucky lucky. Pulled up and his car was in the driveway, went in and he was sound asleep. Chose not to wake him since he has to be up early and can’t stand being awoken. Unfortunately his cell phone battery likes to wear down when a missed call goes unchecked (old as hell and weak, yes, but for whatever reasons he won’t replace it), and he uses his phone as one of his alarms. That’s a bummer. Thanks bullshit company and the local jail that ever thought it was a good idea to contract with you! Jerks.

There’s no one else with a name that remotely sounds like his that I’m gonna freak out about possibly being arrested tonight, so now I’m back home and blogging, settling in for the evening once again. What a douche company, worrying a person like that. Who the hell else would’ve called me? My best guyfriend isn’t much of a drinker, and he’s the only other person I can figure. Must’ve been a wrong number dialed. But still, rousted me over some bullshit and had me worrying over some sorry-ass business that doesn’t sound like it deserves to be in business. (Just do a search on the jokers to see what I mean.)

Btw, the number that dialed me was, for the record: 866-311-4347.

So that was my grand finale to this day. Frickin’ waste of time. Just plain weird company, for real. Doesn’t even look legit. Was that really the best company the county could find to handle their telephone operation? Whatever happened to pay phones? Or just good ol’ fashioned collect calls, like my buddy would make to me while he was spending time at a federal penitentiary? That’s what I’m familiar with, but this was something else. tongue_out

Anyway, back to chillin’.

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