No home for you here but nowhere to escape to

Back to sober on Saturday.  ha  Get heated at times, admittedly. People frustrate me. Seems many are more about entertaining themselves to death than doing anything about what’s ailing us, and I find that so tiring.

I don’t know what to do or where to go. No clue what can realistically be done at this juncture. Feels impotent watching the wheels go ’round and ’round while not knowing how to change course. And if you admit this out loud, people tend to think you’re crazy. Haven’t adapted well enough, so they say. Well, some things aren’t worth adapting to.

These are the times we live in. How do we cope with this? What is a productive response in the face of the direction we’re heading in when most folks are passively on board and consider any resistance to be an obstruction in the way of what they envision as “progress”?

I want a simpler life, and I know plenty of others do as well. But people like to say we can’t dial it back to bygone eras, that such dreams are best left in the past, that we will be dragged along in this direction if we can’t muster up the will or desire to walk this way ourselves.  I find that to be a very jagged pill to swallow indeed.

We argue over the details while life moves on without regard for our whims and wishes…

Maybe my perspective is flawed here. Maybe the sense of alienation is getting to me — in fact, I know it is. Being aware of life being transformed into pointless, stressful monotony is hard on the soul. Hence why people say ignorance is bliss. Others, though, say we ought to figure out how to follow our own bliss, but it all winds up sounding like leading to other forms of brainwashing. What is real bliss? To me, that means being able to live in a life-affirming manner surrounded by people interested in working toward productive pursuits. But it all winds up sounding like some abstract thought exercise when we talk about it today.  Because this cart is headed in the direction it is, whether we like it or not.

But we are not powerless. Undoubtedly not. Is it just a matter of us becoming so lazy and spoiled that mustering up the effort needed to take a solid stand sounds less appealing than going down the path of least resistance? Probably so.

I’ve been over these points a thousand times already and always arrive back to the same conclusion, which is that I don’t know. My own dreams belong to a different era apparently and don’t translate well into modern times. I don’t doubt that’s probably true for a lot of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, yet we feel compelled to go along so as to get along, even when it feels so incredibly stifling toward one’s spirit.

As always, I’ll keep thinking on it…


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