A look into Escheresque art

Another random inquiry. Somebody a while back mentioned something about something being “Escheresque” in one of my YT video comment threads. Had no fucking clue what they were talking about. Had to do a search and check Wikipedia, but I’ve just glimpsed it so far. Has to do with an artist named M. C. Escher.

I did come across some art images intended to illustrate this style.


DrawingHands_EscherThat second one happens to be by Escher himself and is the same art piece hanging on the wall in many of Professor Anton’s videos. Interesting coincidence.

Here’s another by Escher titled “Relativity”:

RelativityVery cool.

Another one by Escher titled” Ascending and Descending”:

ascending-and-descending-escherA bigger sampling of his art can be viewed here.

Here’s an Escheresque piece titled “Stairways to Peace” by Patricia Saxton:

escheresque-peace_patricia_saxtonThis one proclaims itself to be Escheresque as well:

Escheresque-photo-manipulationHere’s an interesting take on the “Drawings Hands” up above, re-envisioned as tattooing hands:

tattooing_hands_escheresqueOne last very cool one from Escher himself:

escher_reptilesGlad the term came across my radar and prompted me to look into this style of art.

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