What do Bill Clinton and the writings of the Marquis de Sade share in common?

Just unwinding for the evening, enjoying a snack of Mahón cheese and roman hazelnuts paired with one of my favorite moscato wines from an Australian brand called Innocent Bystander (all courtesy of the little specialty market across town that I rarely visit anymore but made a special trip to today). Figured if I’m going to revamp my effort to cut down on drinking, I oughtta do it in style by savoring what I do consume as an accompaniment to delicious treats.

Mind over matter, or something to that effect.

Then I came across this disturbing piece of news about Bill motherfucking Clinton. Personally not a fan of the man, his wife, or anyone else he affiliates with, because he’s a dirty scumbug politician like all the rest, as was demonstrated throughout his time in office as well as by his chumminess with the Bush family. But now, lo and behold, there’s evidence linking Clinton to some other sick pedophile bastard with sex slaves trapped down on a Caribbean island. Go figure. Barely even shocks me anymore.

I don’t doubt the allegations are true, but then again, who knows what to believe when it comes to the wonderful world of politics and media? Bunch of actors running around high on their status and sense of entitlement, cloaked under a sea of misinformation and speculation overload that’s numbed us citizens off to barely raising an eyebrow these days. Flying on private jets to locations where kids are made to engage in orgies? Sounds like business as usual in the U.S. (and I’ll extend that to include the elite in all “ally” nations as well). Child-fucking is probably the tip of the iceberg for that lot of narcissistic parasites.

Reminds me of a book written by the Marquis de Sade back in the late 1700s titled 120 Days of Sodom (or the School of Libertinism). Last I checked it was available for free reading online. Very, very gruesome — I made it several pages in before my soul imploded, though I usually have a stomach for dark and demented material. The film made back in the 1970s based on the book was total stupid rubbish and did a poor job of conveying what Donatien Alphonse François de Sade had written. My reason for bringing this book up is that in it the Marquis de Sade tells of high-ranking political and religious figures abducting children to be used to satisfy their seriously sick sexual fantasies at a remote location over the course of 4 months.

I have rather mixed feelings about the Marquis de Sade. Initially I was completely disgusted that anyone would produce material like that, but slowly I came to realize his writing style where he cheered on such vile characters was actually quite clever in provoking his audience to recognize the evil in all of its glory and to associate it with the elite who in real life were indeed engaging in just such morally repugnant activities back then. Saddest part is that they still are. Because they can.

Power can and does corrupt, especially those who revel in experiencing God-like power over others. Those types of people flock toward positions of power within governments and churches where they can both act out their perversions and be concealed and defended while doing so (by those within their elite network as well as by those among the rank-and-file just beneath them, some of who mistaken their defense as honorable). This isn’t a secret. Catholic priests again and again have made this plainly evident, as have all sorts of rulers up through the ages. With such immense power comes the temptation to indulge in the deepest spiritual, psychological and social depravity that they can gain special access to.

marquis_de_sade_quoteThe Marquis de Sade noted this and brought it to the public’s attention in his own unique way, which cost him over three decades imprisoned within insane asylums. But he was also a revolutionary who saw how the webs of power become interconnected and collude against the interests of the populace. In that sense, he and I share similarities in our outlooks, even as his satire continues to deeply trouble me. Very thought-provoking character, I’ll give him that. Unfortunately he’s too often painted on television shows as being the full-blown sadist himself, when in reality he was aiming to expose them (yet another reason to not trust what we’re fed by the idiot box).

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up since the night is getting away from me and there’s work to do early tomorrow. That article above just got me thinking and I don’t doubt Bill Clinton or the Bushes or even Obama are involved in scandalous activities that most folks wouldn’t believe even if they watched it with their own eyes. How do you think those kinds of people manage to rise to the top of their respective political parties? By being tied in with monied interests on a level we common folks just can’t comprehend. And with that kind of money comes incredible power to explore facets of life that nearly none of us could ever dream of being exposed to. To play with the Big Dogs in that sort of game requires allegiance to a different set of principles that are all about protecting their own order and following their own insatiable greed. It’s most definitely not about giving a damn about the majority of us, regardless of what they may claim or what token gestures are tossed in our general direction.

A morally squeamish, ethically righteous individual would never be welcome among their ranks, and thereby will never be offered up as a viable option on the ballot during presidential elections. We ‘pick’ (for so long as voting remains relevant, if it even is any longer) from among those selectively vetted by a network of people far removed from common people’s stations in life. The laws exist to be used against us, very rarely them.

So much of life has become an illusion that we help reinforce by buying into “the script” and barking at one another to follow in suit.

Sound like “conspiracy theory”? Well, do your research and you’ll realize this scheme isn’t anything new. Powerful entities set their own agendas and always have. Simply because they can. Such high class status provides thick insulation from the public realm. Also, our naivete proves instrumental in allowing such bullshit to continue, because even when they’re caught we refuse to believe. It’s more than the average person apparently is capable of fathoming, despite lip service paid to the contrary. Or so we like to portray ourselves this way anyway.

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