“How to Turn Students Into Sociopaths” and other musings from a former professor

Came across a blog today (thanks to a link posted in Dr. Sadler’s feed) titled “Inklings” created by Zachary Ernst and I read a few of his posts:

How to Turn Students Into Sociopaths

Why Your Professors Suck

Why I Jumped Off The Ivory Tower

Hope For Academics Who Want Out

What is Stupidity?

Failure and Boredom

Good read. I’ve signed up to follow this man’s feed on G+.

As the stepdaughter of a tenured Associate Professor within the college of business administration at a state university, in my earlier years I grew up observing a man up-close who worked hard at that hoop-jumping contest in order to finally arrive at a secure post. It’s no joke how much research those folks must nearly constantly churn out and how stressful it can be to navigate and prove oneself within academic institutions and among peers. Watching him probably has a lot to do with my own cynicism toward academia and also with why it seemed so important to me to at least achieve a bachelor’s degree (that and I wanted to be the first in my direct bloodline to do so). It truly is a tangled web, with all the ins and outs of working in academe never ceasing to blow my mind.

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