A winter evening reserved for gratitude

Coming out of last week’s funk. Gonna aim to steady things for as many weeks as possible. Ready for less turbulence. Needing to just chill and get in a better mind space for a while. Have an appointment to sign up for a gym membership tomorrow. It’s time to kick into a higher gear because winter will soon enough retreat back in its hole ’til next year. It’s been such a cold and icy winter. Moved to Siberia by mistake apparently.

Kinda funny how life can seem to play out in extremes, like living between sweltering summers and hazardous winters. BUT, some of us bitch about these extremes from the comfort of our own homes where we enjoy the luxury of a roof and air-conditioning/heating and electricity and plumbing. Could be worse. Then again, that’s what the grid provides, so that’s what we’ve grown dependent on and learn to take for granted.

Anyway, my thoughts for the universe this evening are that I am thankful for what I do have and for those I know and love, even when we fight at times and things don’t turn out as hoped, and even for the strangers met who impart something worthwhile that stays with me.

And I’m thankful for my health, even if I might not act like it. Very thankful for beer (just wish they hadn’t told me common brands contain fish and beetle parts ack_smilie ) and wine and also for the evenings I avoid drinking.

Blessed are the books that have made a notable impression on my imagination and helped retool my ways of thinking over time, including the comical. In that same vein, I’m grateful for great films that put art in captivating motion. And MUSIC!

I am grateful for the gift of sexuality and the connections it brought forth and all the lessons that it’s taught (a couple I could do without, but we don’t always get to pick and choose). Overall, sexual exploration through body and mind has proven very interesting and enjoyable.

When it comes to gratitude, a handful of professors immediately spring to mind as well, and a couple in particular. There are some amazing teachers out here in the world who help bring so much to light.

I’m very grateful for my job and the freedom it has afforded me, as well as the companionship and exercise. The last job wasn’t so bad either most of the time, but burn-outs happen.

Ya know something else I’m grateful for? My art supplies. Wish I’d play with them more often. In the past I’ve found it very relaxing to listen to lectures from Alan Watts or whoever else while painting.

Love, that’s what I’m most grateful to have experienced. And freedom — thank God we still have as much as we do, which is to say we possess power and however much autonomy to exercise it as we see fit. That’s glorious; may we never lose the spirit to fight for that.


And my cat. She’d probably get ticked if left off this list.

And tasty foods.

And a functioning automobile owned outright with good snow tires…and…

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