A time to drink and chill

Wooh. Finally have a night to myself where I won’t be called out for any late-night appointments (I pray) and there’s no need to wake up early. Gotta love that. First opportunity in a week to just sit and chill without interruption. Time to break out the wine, fire up the space heater, and take in the internet. Tomorrow’s promising to be a blustery mess, so I might as well make the best of this evening.

Been in the mood to listen to some White Stripes lately.

Kickin’ off with “Seven Nation Army”:

Love that song.

“Ball and Biscuit” (2007 live performance):

“Fell In Love With A Girl”:

That one my companion used to say made him think of me.

A song I really love, “Blue Orchid”:

Another good one, “Jolene” (live performance):

Back when I first met my partner we listened to these guys pretty frequently and I was exposed to tunes from them I hadn’t heard before, like “You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket”:

That one struck me as profoundly sad the first several times I listened to it. Reminded me of someone and what we had just gone through. Transitions can be tough…sad shit can come along even when we both hold the best of intentions. Just the way life can go.

“I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”:

That one runs through my mind pretty frequently.

“There’s No Home For You Here”:

That one’s a bit painful, particularly 1:48-2:14.

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