Spartan Life Coach on drug use and abuse

“‘Drugs Are Weakness’ Telling the truth about drug use”:

Too true and hits close to home. I got in the habit of drinking too damn much. Depression is a bitch, it is true. But there are better ways of handling it than frequent intoxication, assuming one wishes to remain productive and become more responsible.

Glad to have never gotten wrapped up in hard drugs, though I have sampled a bit in the past. Never tried LSD though and am glad.

Hmmm….tough topic for me, so I’ll leave it at that.

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3 Responses to Spartan Life Coach on drug use and abuse

  1. Jurij says:

    My drugs:coffee,anything sugar based

    >> Depression is a bitch, it is true.
    Try vitam B3 -- Niacin. B3 as Niacin-Amide works too, although not so effective. 5 min Google digging will reveal a lot. Cheapest than alcohol too !

    • Byenia says:

      Gotta love the mochas and tea.

      Been taking B vitamins for a while now. Can’t say they have an impact in that department.

      Cut down on drinking and don’t drink daily, so there’s been some progress there. Don’t plan on completely stopping though since I do enjoy my wine and beer, but anything’s an improvement over the slump I got into in 2012.

      Got other ideas I intend to explore in due time. Just not feeling particularly motivated these days, but I’ll figure it out.

      • Jurij says:

        You need “insane” amount (min 3-5 g/day) of pure Niacin. It works better if you mix it with B complex. I use fresh yeast instead of B complex pills. Start low an spread it trough day.

        Check Dr. Andrew Saul’s website

        You will notice improvement in your mood.

        FDA RDA (Ridiculously Daily Allowance) is set far to low for anything. So then can claim it does not work.

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