My latest addiction

It’s actually kind of a weird one, not expected. I’m currently working through season 2 of the show Desperate Housewives, having been introduced to it recently by my companion (humorously enough). He came across it a few years back while laid off from work, found it amusing and so kept watching it, then mentioned it to me after we’d completed Breaking Bad (still have part of the last season to watch there once it’s available on Netflix) and Malcolm in the Middle.

And to think I used to tease my best girlfriend about her and her husband’s interest in the show Friends, though that’s like comparing apples to oranges. Desperate Housewives is way more interesting and entertaining, gotta give it that. It’s actually quite funny in places, and the story’s flow really keeps me absorbed. So far I’m considering it a quality tv drama.

Now, understand that I don’t subscribe to cable and do not watch much television normally, so I don’t keep up on what all folks are watching at any given time. To give people an idea: the first and only Survivor series I watched was back in 2001, finally watched the Twin Peaks series on VHS years after it came out, went through a Bravo channel phase in 2006-2007 (which led to me canceling my cable subscription for the last time — I don’t even like or know anything about fashion, so why was Project Runway appealing? I still can’t answer that), only watched one or two episodes of The Sopranos, seen the show House maybe twice, I spend more time on PBS than any other channel and one of my all-time favorite shows remains In the Heat of the Night — need I say more? heh

Screw pop culture anyway. Got saturated with enough of it in the ’90s. Learn more about it than I ever want to while just standing around waiting in check-out lines. Annoying.

But anyway, we drug Desperate Housewives up under the rock and I’m actually finding it very captivating. Normally we save shows to watch during dinners together, but since he’s already watched pretty far in it’s fine for me to catch up on my own time. Started the new year off sick so I had plenty of time to lay around watching this and Married With Children too (all seasons of the latter are freely available for viewing on Youtube, btw).

It’s winter, so might as well take it easy indoors. It started snowing this afternoon and got so icy so fast that it took my companion over 3.5 HOURS to make it to his house after he got off work, trying to drive straight home, and that’s for a distance that normally takes only 20 minutes! Was pandemonium out there during the evening rush hour. No point going anywhere until tomorrow.

So now back to my show…


Though that’s not entirely true. Worked some earlier. Busier day tomorrow. Glad to not need to be anywhere tonight.

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