Super early Sunday morning tunes in January 2014

A few songs I appreciate and consider timeless:

That was Ram Jam with their song “Black Betty.”

Here’s Ten Years After with “I’d Love to Change the World”:

Powerfully impacting. Deeply adore that song. The chorus struck as so resigned but true…

Next up is Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down a Dream”:

Love that song. Forever and always.

Another one I appreciate is Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight”:

That one’s heavy, and remains relevant. Some nights that’s just how you have to look at it.

Here’s Bill Withers performing “Ain’t No Sunshine”:

That one has always touched me…

Next up is “Take Me to the River” by the Talking Heads:

That’s another favorite I never tire of. Soul music, through and through. Love that video accompanying it too!

Tom Petty is the man:

That was his hit “Won’t Back Down.” Saw him in concert back in 2005 and was in complete awe. The man produced so many good songs — his creativity is timeless.

Another undeniably timeless song, George Harrison performing “Here Comes the Sun”:

That beautiful one I need to listen to pretty regularly. Just necessary.

Another gorgeous tune from the Beatles, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”:

That one cuts at my core. But I don’t know what to do. What is an effective response at this point besides treating people fairly as you can and loving those closest to you in the best way you’re able? Life is fucking hard on many levels, no doubt. We take our breaks where able. Even in America where we have the privilege of living like sloths while watching the wheels turn ’round. It’s tough figuring out what effective action is and where improvements can be made.

Here’s one I might’ve posted before, but it runs through my mind frequently:

[The live performance, in Colorado I believe, was removed from Youtube due to some stupid copyright violation, so I’ve updated the post with the recorded version. straight_face ] That was the Avett Brothers performing their song “Shame.” Feels terribly relevant to me at least. Runs through my mind at random intervals. Maybe it resonates with we who’ve really been in the wrong and recognize it for what it is and are trying to make changes. For the record, I never claimed to belong among the ‘good guys’. Doesn’t always wind up shaking out the way we once intended, then we wake up one day and really have to examine ourselves in the mirror and see what toll bullshit has had on us and how we’ve paid it forward unconsciously or subconsciously to those we love who never deserved to be hurt by our recklessness.

But it can be awfully hard taking a big bite of that humble pie.

A good song to also hold close is “Love Invincible” by Michael Franti & Spearhead:

Passed that one on to my companion’s son. With any luck it will embed in his psyche as well. Such a beautiful song.

Another beauty that I never seem to get enough of is George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”:

Another song I personally consider timeless is “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac:

…Shadow of a woman

oooh, black widow,

…shadow, she’s a dragon…

I dig it on a visceral level.

Another important song for me is David Allan Coe’s “Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone)”:

It poses a question I have to ask myself periodically so as to check my behavior and priorities. Because if I truly feel so deeply my actions need to coordinate and further my heart’s objectives. But some lessons are learned through trial and error — such is human folly. That’s the way life goes — figured out over time. Nobody understands much starting out and we step in however many potholes along our journeys. We make mistakes that hopefully we learn from eventually, once better priorities settle into sharper focus.

Men like to take note of the benefits afforded women, but with it can come a lot of baggage. Such is modern life. Everything’s in flux, including each and every one of us inside. It cannot be helped, though this makes the learning curve that much steeper. Men suffer their share as well, and it divvies up as it does for individuals.

A song still very much relevant, Jonathan Edwards’ “Sunshine (Go Away Today)”:

One of my favorite songs of all time since I was little bitty, Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”:

A lot of truth in that little diddy. Probably seems goofy to say, but I suppose it depends on how one reads between the lines. And some games we’re better at playing than others.

Here’s “Don’t Mean Nothing” by Richard Marx:

That one runs through my mind randomly and regularly. Got embedded.

One of the top timeless songs, “Amazing Grace” here performed by the Blind Boys of Alabama:

Their album version is even more beautiful.

Another timeless classic, Roy Orbison and K.D. Lang’s duet of “Crying”:

Don’t know what to think of that video though. ha

An amazing performance by K.D. Lang of her version of “Hallelujah”:

Love that song by pretty much anyone who’s ever sang it. For the record though, it deserves to be stated that out of the lesbians who could be classified as “masculine” or “butch,” K.D. Lang ranks high among those I’ve been attracted to.

Moving on to more timeless treasures, Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly”:

Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back
A flight of fancy on a windswept field
Standing alone my senses reeled
Fatal attraction is holding me fast,
How can I escape this irresistible grasp?

Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted Just an earth-bound misfit, I

Ice is forming on the tips of my wings
Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything
No navigator to find my way home
Unladened, empty and turned to stone

The soul intention is learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
God keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I…


Another timeless wonder, Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage/Eclipse”:

One last song for the morning, “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash:

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7 Responses to Super early Sunday morning tunes in January 2014

  1. Wizard of Oz says:

    Look-around tell me what you see.
    What’s a-happenin’ to you and me?
    God grant me the serenity
    to jus’ remember who I am.

    ’cause you’ve given-up your sanity
    for your pride and your vanity,
    turn your back on humanity;
    Oh and you don’t give a da da da da da.

    Monday afternoon
    … and the (rat) games people play !

  2. Wizard of Oz says:

    I’m the only one this evening
    but I will go on;
    the frontiers are my prison.

  3. Wizard of Oz says:

    At night, when all the world’s asleep,
    the questions run so deep
    for such a simple man.

  4. Wizard of Oz says:

    It begins in a forest,
    All rights are paid and it ends up at home
    My hands are so cold,
    Because of the time I went into the country,
    My soul is so pure,
    The rose knows the smell, my voice needs air,
    Because the wind is so hot here.
    Whether it’s Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Politics or Classical,
    It’s all Musik to me

    Hey, that was the time when Hardrock was Hardrock,
    Music was as tough as a nail
    And our children
    They weren’t lazy
    They got out and made it crazy, but no one left to tell the jail
    They made history
    Because they are sharp like no other,
    The first pre-elected Rock’n’Roll Band

    The sound of music
    Do the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the boogie,
    do the rhythm on the Boogie the beat
    The sound of music
    Do the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the boogie,
    do the rhythm on the Boogie the beat
    The sound of music
    Do the hip, do the hop, do the oh,oh,bebop,
    do the freestyle Rock’n and we never gonna stop
    The sound of music
    Mr President, we know one language; this language, it’s called music

    The sound of music
    Can you hear the band playing, can fell the bodies swaying
    The sound of music
    and if you feel the groove you better start to move
    The sound of music
    step in time to the rhythm and move your feet to the beat
    The sound of music
    Hey everybody give a music a chance and do the universal dance

    The sound of music
    hear the James Brown song, hear the church choir sing
    The sound of music
    and it’s the people’s voice, they’re gonna bring up that bell and ring
    The sound of music
    the Vienna Lipizzaner, they’re doing the rhythm and blues
    The sound of music
    it’s the Jailhouse Rock, it’s steppin’ on my Blues Suede Shoes

    The sound of music
    It’s Pavarotti, he is the biggest Bobby Dylan fan
    The sound of music
    They make all music for boys, girls and big tall man
    The sound of music
    It’s Otis Redding, he is sitting on the dock of the bay

    Listen to the Band, listen to the big band,
    to the bang-bang, to the bang-bang, blow horn

    Hey listen to the band -- listen to the band (6x)
    The sound of music
    it’s Lennon-McCartney, Cole Porter too
    The sound of music
    they’re dancing with my babe, babe, ba-ba-ba-babe-blue
    The sound of music
    hey Daddy, don’t you bother me, it’s gonna be my Rock’n’Roll day
    The sound of music
    Give the children what they want and hear the universal choir pray

    The sound of music
    Hear the James Brown song, hear the Church choir sing…
    The sound of music
    It’s Otis Redding, he is sitting on the dock of the bay
    The sound of music
    Give the children what they want, hear the children do
    the boogie, do the Bang-Bang, do the Boogie-Bang
    Hu-lala-hu-lala-e -- E-oh (repeat until fade)

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