Kicked off another frigid week

Drank wine, ordered Domino’s, and am now suffering the stomach ache. Also managed to spill a glassful of wine on my desk and keyboard, causing some of the keys to stick. Brilliant. damn

Cold as Hades outside and windy enough that it knocked out the power last night, putting our pot roast on the fritz. Finally were able to eat about 10:30pm after electricity came back on. Woe is us. Such are the gripes of thoroughly domesticated city-dwellers.

Came across this video tonight set to the song “Requiem For a Dream” (Dubstep remix):

Talk about experiencing hell on earth. It’s footage like that that keeps me off boats and out of the ocean.

Here’s more storm footage set to The Doors’ song “Riders on the Storm” (a personal favorite tune):

More storm footage, this time set to CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising”:

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