Feminists obstructing free speech (thoughts on disrespectfulness and the future)

Feminism’s been on my mind again, so I went looking up videos watched months back that bug me.

Ok. Pausing at 4:15. Goddamn it, that’s so disrespectful on the part of the protesters. Way to obstruct people’s rights to speak and peaceably assemble (not being familiar with the laws in Canada, but still). That was rude as fuck.

This is something that really bugs me about what feminism has devolved into. Concerns about rape are rooted in the question of respect, for one another’s humanity, for boundaries, for individual autonomy and volition. Yet here is an example of obstruction and disrespect running in the other direction, instigated by people who would be screaming about victimization if the tables were turned. This is hypocrisy-in-action.

If we do not treat each other with more respect than this, these fights will just continue escalating.

But who am I fooling? It appears plenty of folks no longer consider maintaining freedom a top priority, and certainly not above safety concerns. The many who tolerate this push without pushing back in any way are enabling this, but how do you stop this trend? Especially when the power of the State seems to be operating with a bias as well? I’m thinking one way to combat this is to stand up to injustices where witnessed and to connect with enough sense of humanity inside that we’re driven to uphold and protect certain basic principles for ourselves and others so that cooperation stands a chance. All these divisions are distracting us in having to deal with oh-so much bullshit, and along we’re swept downstream as we squabble, funneled further into new ways of life that are proving unhealthy for humans.

It’s a wonder if we’ll ever make it out of this maze. What’s taken for granted as “progress” appears to me to be just another bunch of lessons to learn.  Crazy time to be alive. We’re looking pretty fucked right about now on a lot of levels, and hating on each other certainly isn’t helping anything. It’s one thing to bicker and disagree, but it’s another to just mindlessly antagonize one another. What good is that?

But then again, I look around and listen to people (in this case, mostly young people) speaking as though they want to aid bringing about the crash of civilizations in a dramatic fashion. It’s a pipe dream since society itself will probably remain intact for at least another century to come (that’s my bet), so in the interim we’re just making conditions more miserable and likely ensuring future generations will have less of a chance to cope with whatever lay in store.

The desire to sadistically torment one another stems from a sense of powerlessness that’s been increasingly sweeping the land. We’re taking shit out on one another because 1.) it’s convenient and tempting to lash out at those who are easily accessible, and 2.) we’re experiencing drama directly among those we’re closest to here on the ground. Can’t so readily take our grievances to the public square and receive redress — life’s gotten too complicated for that. We have a corporate-dominated political sphere and a society chocked full of interest groups with lobbying power. Damn near impossible to make a dent tangling with that nightmare branch of the American system. So what can a person or a group do when faced with this situation?

This is where I keep being forced back to pondering the power of the individual and the importance of our social ties and bonds, because I’m not seeing a top-down approach being any kind of real solution but rather at this point is guaranteed to serve interests counter to what most people truly do dream for. And I’m not fully convinced there is a way out anytime in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t free us up to drive on another nuts in the meanwhile. That still makes life insufferable, which is no good. We have enough bullshit to content with without adding to it unnecessarily.

But so much is easier said than done.

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