Walking down a different path but not walking away

Tonight my former partner (whom I shall start referring to simply as my Companion and leave it at that) cooked a ham steak and homemade macaroni and cheese and said I could come over to share it with him. That was nice. After dinner he tried explaining some basic electrical stuff to me since that’s all outside of my little realm, and he even got out his voltage meter and did some demonstrations to illustrate resistance, and that was interesting. I like it when he teaches me things relating to his knowledge of the machines he works on — it’s actually quite impressive what all he knows through working on vehicles the last three decades. Then we chatted about recent news stories.

It was nice. Kinda hard since this was our first dinner again since splitting up, but I’m very grateful we remain on as good of terms as we do. He remains a source of sunshine in my life, and I appreciate him very much as an individual and as a good man. We’re very different people, but we laugh together and formed what seems a very resilient bond over time. He said he’d like to come over when I make spaghetti next time, so it appears we’re heading on in a positive direction, learning to be in each other’s life without the weight of a romantic relationship placing expectations on the situation.

This, I believe, is progress. Couldn’t ask for anything more at this point in time and am very thankful. But overall it’s been an emotional day and I’m pretty drained.


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