Waiting for the new year to roll around

That was Spartan Life Coach.

Winter holidays have always gotten to me too. This year I’m admittedly feeling pretty Scrooge-y. Got short with a woman crowding me Friday afternoon as I was trying to back out of a parking space in a parking lot attached to the mall’s. I did a bit of arm-waving, and she looked like she couldn’t have cared less, but whatever. The pushiness of the holidays gets to me in that it makes a mockery of everything these days are supposed to be celebrating. Now every holiday’s reduced down to consumerist nonsense and gluttony, obligations and bills.

I suppose the change begins with oneself and I should probably have more patience with people around the holidays, but if I could just skip the routine for one year that’d be swell.

This year I really ought to bake items to give as gifts, as my buddy plans on doing. Planning on buying warm thermal long-johns for my companion since he can always use more of those to wear under his workpants. Planning on sending a cousin a restaurant GC. Gotta get around to signing and mailing out dozens of cards soon. Haven’t even barely put any thought into it all yet.

Just not feeling it this year. sigh

But ah well, the New Year will be here soon, then February will come and go and we’ll move on into spring.

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