‘Tis the season to blow our money…falalalala-lala-lala

Managed to set aside my holiday burnout long enough to order a few more gifts for my loved ones online. Still haven’t set foot in a mall this holiday season and hoping to not have to (though may be pushed to when it comes time to search for long-johns and a toaster for my companion). The traffic around town is insane, and people are driving like worse idiots than usual, so why join in when you don’t have to? Much easier to order from home and get shit delivered.

The two main stores I shopped at this time around were CafePress.com and FatBrainToys.com. Why? Because they’re both reputable companies I’ve ordered from in the past, and because they both accept Paypal payments.

At CafePress I ordered blanket wraps for a few female relatives that look pretty comfy and were even customizable by uploading the image of my choice (went with a Spaceballs meme for one tongue_smile). Also picked up a funny sweatshirt for my buddy. They offer really nice discounts — I received a coupon code for 50% off two of my orders.

FatBrainToys.com is where I bought my friends’ and relatives’ kids’ gifts, since they have a great selection of educational and science-related items. Couldn’t pass up the sea monkeys this time around either. Ha  Scored a book on mind-benders intended to introduce young teens to logical exploration and critical thinking.

Mailed a couple cards out already, but still have dozens left to prepare and send out soon. I’m seriously contemplating sending e-greetings to my clients this year so as to save on stamps and time, but perhaps that’s too impersonal.

Still needing to select a book for my galpal’s husband so as not to leave him out when mailing her package of bath care products previously ordered from Drugstore.com.

Might still do a little baking to share with my local peeps and their relatives. Maybe. Otherwise it’s Perkins pie for them again.

Mailed out boxes of chocolates to one set of relatives and one friend since they’ve probably never tried this amazing chocolatier. Mailed off a restaurant gift certificate to my male cousin the college student.

Oh, and picked up glass and wooden pieces for a couple of my local folks too.

The name of the game this year is “keep it simple, stupid.” If I could pretend the holidays away this year, I would. But since I can’t, the next best option was to do most of my shopping online within the span of one weekend so as to get it all over and done with. I love them and do enjoy buying them things I hope they’ll get pleasure out of, but I just don’t have it in me to stand among other disgruntleds in lines and battle it out in traffic and wait endlessly in the post office. No.

Thinking I might pick up another bottle of that awesome Australian moscato wine I recently came across to give to my buddy’s mom.

Still have no clue what to get my companion’s teenage son who basically has all he wants and needs. He’s the biggest challenge to shop for and hasn’t seemed interested in the slightest in anything I’ve given him thus far. I foresee a gift certificate in his future.

And lastly, I ordered myself a few pounds of Southern boiled peanuts, shipped frozen, scheduled to arrive at the end of the week.

Now, back to being a humbug.


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  1. Byenia says:

    Stumbled across this old post tonight. Funny thing is I really went all out that year compared to what I did this year. 😛 Lost my holiday interest apparently.

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