Time again to pause and listen

Time for a music break…

That was Screamin’ Jay Hawkins performing one of my favorite renditions of the song “I Put a Spell on You.”

Bet that performance scared the hell out of a bunch white folks back in the day. Ha

The version of that song I return to most was performed by Nina Simone:

Soulful. Mournful. Powerful. Grips me uncomfortably inside. Love her singing it. Her voice was a one-of-a-kind.

Not to ignore CCR’s amazing version, but the radio’s played the hell out of that one.

Hmmm…random song that I happen to love came back across my radar:

That was Alanis Morissette doing a phenomenal performance of her song “Uninvited.”

Given the right state of mind, that song can strike a serious chord in me.

(Though admittedly, humorously enough, her performance here does remind me of South Park’s portrayal of Canadians. ha!  Just keepin’ it real.  american_smiliehehehe)

Here’s one I haven’t heard in a minute, Fiona Apple’s song “Criminal” (terrific live performance):

Another tune I’ve appreciated since the early ’90s, Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy”:

A song I adore and listen to regularly, The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”:

That’s such an awesome performance. Damn. That’s gotta be one of my favorite songs of all-time, for both lyrics and sound experience. Song speaks to my core.

Music’s therapy for the soul.

Another classic from Nina Simone titled “Sinnerman”:

No one can touch that song but her.

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  1. Lany says:

    I loved the Screaming Jay Hawkins version of “I put a spell on you”. I hadn’t heard that one before. Excellent!

    I’d never really paid attention to the lyrics of “closer to fine”….I always liked the song but now I love it. Thanks. It’s fun to listen to another person’s music pics from time to time.

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