Robin Temple’s story

A seriously sad and disturbing story of VA malpractice impacting one veteran:

Her story messes with my head. I forwarded her story along and one friend has donated toward her care already. If you also are interested in helping this veteran out, please visit her Indiegogo donation page.

Goddamn. My heart seriously goes out to this woman. I’ve spoken to and met others enlisted in the military who were fucking terrified of being butchered any further by the VA hospital because they’re notorious for providing poor quality care.

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  1. Been dealing with the VA for a a while now. My Claim has been in the system for three years and still has not been resolved amounting to thousand of dollars. The contact I’ve had in general with the medical staff has been good but claims processing is bad and I have not had surgery like this young lady. I guess what I’m saying is maybe this can be a wake-up call to what is going on. This young lady needs to have her issues addressed, but what is happening in my neighborhood women have been complaining they are not getting enough attention so they have received things like manicures and massages. It is these frivolous claims that take away from men and women in this situation.

    • Byenia says:

      I’ve been waking up all of my life to this reality, and it’s fucking disturbing what all we have going on. The VA bullshit is atrocious and I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with their crap too. Ya know, I know you’re a veteran and have different views than me on the military probably, but I’m so pissed that our government doesn’t give a fuck about any of us, not even those who serve(d) it. It doesn’t really care, not about anything other than maintaining and expanding its power. That’s what it’s come down to, and not too surprisingly I suppose, that being the nature of concentrated power left to its own devices.

      Sounds like you live in the middle class. Yes, manicures and massages are very popular in our culture. It’s what’s expected actually. I remember back when I had a job where my appearance mattered and I kept the acrylic nail extensions on for several years too. It’s all vanity, hon, and we’re a society obsessed with it. The message is loud and clear, and it’s become an expectation because so many people buy into it. And around and around it goes.

      There’s soooo much out here to distract us from matters of great significance. And I think plenty of people willfully choose to entertain themselves to death, perhaps nearly all of us at this point. Perhaps largely because we feel powerless, but also because we’re lazy and stupid. ha Sorry, my cynicism cup ranneth over. Been a long year…as I’m sure you can relate.

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