One of the best movies ever made: “The Big Lebowski”

Had enough seriousness for one day, so time to roll out some clips from one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Big Lebowski”:

I adore John Goodman (most especially) and Jeff Bridges. Steve Buscemi’s entertaining too.

Also own the soundtrack and love it, though it only includes about half the songs from the movie.

One song I particularly love but don’t believe I’d heard prior to picking up the soundtrack is Captain Beefheart’s “Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles”:

That song is touching and pulls at my heart strings for some unknown reason. Maybe because I tend to attract blue-eyed love interests and friends. Every time I listen to it a feeling washes over me of great appreciation for beauty and dedicated love, tinged with sadness.

Here’s an interesting one I know I’d never heard before:

That was “Ataypura” by Yma Sumac.

Even Mozart made a debut in the film (though not on the soundtrack unfortunately) with portions of his last work “Requiem in D Minor,” this part titled “Lacrimosa” (performed by The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir):

Amazing what you learn by becoming a fan of the Dude.

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