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  1. Lany says:

    I have ignored Christmas for the last 15 years. My husband and I told everyone we knew that we wanted nothing more to do with it and to stop getting us presents and cards as we were absolutely done with it. Now it is totally without stress, we have a nice meal and a drink, just the two of us, and leave the holiday to those who want it. The only thing I still find annoying is the shitty music that lasts way too long. I don’t mind it for a few days, but seriously, a month of it is WAY too much.

    • Byenia says:

      I’d love to ignore Christmas, but it’s my busiest week of the year for work. So I’m in and out of the apartment from dawn ’til midnight some years. About to head out again soon. This forces me to contend with all the holiday shoppers driving willy-nilly all over town, blocking each other from changing lanes, not letting people merge in on the highway. *grimace*

      To just be able to chill and keep it simple at home and to not have to worry about sending gifts and blowing bunches of money sounds wonderful.

      Companies started extra-early this year around here in banging the Xmas gong — shortly after Halloween. Ugh. Had to stop by a mall for the first time this season to pick up a toaster and thermal undies to give as gifts. Such a PITA.

      Glad ya’ll can avoid the chaos though. Best to stay out of the fray if at all possible.

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