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  1. Yvonne Garraway says:

    I’ve been isolated by my mother and 2 sisters. I know why; it’s because I was dad’s favourite. I also know that their jealousies are their emotions and they need to take responsibility for that but its hard for them. Jealousy is horrid; it’s insidious and gnaws at you. I understand that.

    I couldn’t understand why I was unable to cry, until …. I saw my mother with my daughter. My daughter (age 8) was crying because she wanted to spend an extra night with me and my mother (instead of going to her dad’s house). Not a trivial reason. She walked towards my mother, with her arms out, crying, seeking comfort. My mother tutted at her. My daughter stood there feeling ridiculous and rejected. That’s when I realised -- she is incapable of showing me affection and would tut at me if I got too close and this cascaded onto my daughter. Doesn’t sound like anything much does it -- a tut?

    My younger sister is the one who is central to the scapegoating/mobbing but she is very clever with it. She leads from behind -- passing the bullets for others to fire. If you met her you would probably like her. She is a relationship counsellor (scarey or what) she uses clever words. My name for her is nurse Ratchet (One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest).

    My mum is now 80. I guess she’ll die in the next 10 years. Will I go to the funeral? Don’t know. She’s my mum. She hates me. I guess she must love me a bit too?
    I quote Robin Williams “I thought being alone would be the worst thing in life. It isn’t. Spending time with people who make you feel lonely is the worst”.
    Incidentally, they charge £25 for Christmas dinner if you visit. They’re scared of being kind.

    I have kept my distance and now I feel less lonely.

  2. It took me a lifetime to realize that I was being mobbed.
    The realization came just a few weeks ago when by chance I looked up the definition of bullying.
    I am an accomplished women. From birth my mother bullied me, as well as intense physical abuse. My sister’s caught on to mothers game, and thus was the beginning of my mobbed life. My youngest sister now controls my children (who were warned by me to be careful), grandchildren, and sons in law’s.
    Definite damage done. At 60, I am a totally a non social individual. I feel safe from attack in the world I created for myself.
    The mobbers have no idea all of the life experiences I enjoyed to the fullest.
    Life never has a dull moment, if you know yourself.

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