What if we’re all dust mites on somebody else’s mattress?

My guy felt like playfully pondering tonight and came upon the topic of dust mites and asked me to look up images.

House dust mite - Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

We’re pretty sure that’s what alien hamsters will look like.

Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of a Dust Mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), magnification x 700

Fugly but rather fascinating to stop and think about the micro-world within our habitats, within us and on our skin at all times, in bed with us, undetectable by naked sight.


Beyond our visual capacity and only really made known to us through our most modern technologies. And my guy pondered if maybe humans are nothing more than dust mites on a huge galactic mattress. I wonder about that sometimes too and bring in the idea of multiple dimensions, most beyond our comprehension at present, where for us what we experience as macro might be the tiniest of the micros belonging to an indescribably larger fabric. What if our galaxy were but one small atom in that world? How would we know? I bet we could search outer-space forever and it would never tell us. Just a hunch. And that’s why the topic necessarily must lead back to metaphysical inquiries or otherwise wind up abandoned altogether. I doubt everything in life is or ever will be within human capability to prove, and even if we someday could, what good would such confirmation likely do us by then?

Makes me also think of how not only is our visual sight obviously limited, our conceptual “sight” is as well. We have blinders up all over the place boxing in our minds and determining what information gets in or gets noticed, due to biologically-ingrained ways of being, preferences and biases, accepted narratives and the subsequent denial required to assimilate within a given culture and its religion(s); basically being restricted to feeling out the world through what empirically-accumulated data we can access and test for. He brought up how we’re facing information overload, and why it makes him prefer to tune and opt out for the most part (aside from work and family and friends). It’s just too much for any one us to comprehend, so he says “ah well” and rolls over and goes to sleep. He knows it’s fucked up out here in the human world and Nature remains mysterious beyond our imaginings and most current findings. He wouldn’t word it that way, but I’m doing the typing here.

As much as a part of me wants to look at folks who take that sort of “fuck it” attitude as if they’ve given up, I’ve been learning over time that some just focus their energy locally. Some of these people out here provide quality work they take pride in, are attentive parents and loving partners and helpful friends and neighbors, and they aim to be decent to people wherever they go. He’s just happy to return home at the end of the day to a beer and be attentively listened to about his day and maybe get his back rubbed before heading off to bed so he can wake up and go about trying to earn a living all over again tomorrow. Obviously not all who aim to tune out are natured as I’m describing here, but of these who do manage to turn their “fuck it” into sunshine for others, they are a blessing, even if they couldn’t care less about politics or schooling or defining their spiritual beliefs. The proof is in the pudding in how they actively direct their lives, and I’d say their way of being is probably far more useful than most “activism” could ever hope to be, because they help make living worthwhile and bearable. Their labors exact a toll on their energy, but their spirits remain whole and good (at least more than most — no human being infallible).

Without examples like that, what are we really fighting for? What does it mean “to win” if it leads to a poor quality of life where we’re all distrusting and resentful toward one another?

But now I’ve completely fallen off the topic of dust mites and the cosmos. Ah well…

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