We broke it

My lover just left, and our relationship has ended. Lord help us, I think this is it.

Irreconcilable differences…

The heartache’s been strung out a long time now. So much water under the bridge. He says he hopes for us to remain friends…

My heart hurts. It’s been such a long year and a half since the fighting began. Some days were good, but others were truly terrible. I’ve become through this someone I never wanted to be.

I will love him forever, and he says the same. But everything got broken and we can’t fix it. Everything’s turned into a fight anymore, and neither of us can take it. But dear God, it is so sad and painful walking away. He is my sunshine…but we just can’t make it work any longer.

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6 Responses to We broke it

  1. mortalez says:

    Sorry for your loss, That kind of pain is very confusing. maybe you were too much alike, often thats the case when you cant stop fight and loving each other.
    contact me if you need to talk.

  2. Byenia says:

    I do appreciate your offer, Mortalez. He and I have been going through this for quite a long time now, just kept holding on, wanting to believe we could make it work.

    I did talk to a couple of my friends on the phone earlier today about it. There’s not much new to say about it anymore. It’s time to hang it up, I guess. But Lord I’m going to miss him, and I know he’ll miss me.

  3. mortalez says:

    I understand that, hell there are certain places I avoid because they bring back painful

  4. Byenia says:

    KInda stupid that it didn’t all end there and that now, a year and a half later, we’re still squabbling and sorting out the end of this thing. Longest break-up EVER.

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