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  1. mortalez says:

    I believe man made god in his own image, so it stands to reason he also made the devil although in the image of others less desirable for whatever reason, we all have a dark side.

    • Byenia says:

      I’m hinting here mostly at how we each help in our ways to perpetuate significant problems, and all typically are involved at some time or another in playing “the bad guy.” We do have dark sides, and I’m not one to automatically see that as bad actually since balances are what life is all about, yet how dark we can be and what we opt to do with it is another matter that does relate back to what’s being pointed at here.

      I tend to see “hell” and “the devil” as being about life on earth, where as “heaven” is more of an ideal to strive for (and likely never attained, though it remains highly subjective and will depend on who’s asked). The notion of “God” is more difficult to peg down, but one thing that keeps coming back up is how that notion involves consciousness.

      It all remains an open inquiry…

    • Byenia says:

      But yes, in terms of religions, humans have fashioned what they referred to as “God” in their own images and according to their own ideals. But I’m not really referring to religions here. To me, this language can extent beyond religious purposes.

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