The gender discourse more and more makes me feel like an alien better off talking to myself

alien_playgroundYa know, the more I read people’s opinions and stated positions online, the more I feel like a freak stuck in the outfield.  lol  Because so far as I can tell nearly everybody’s perpetuating the status quo, even those claiming to want to go up against it and call it out, and even my own self at the end of the day since all ideas I come up with would require massive concerted efforts that are basically a pipe dream at this point in time and won’t ever likely come to pass unless somehow humanity winds up knocked back into the Stone Age (maybe an asteroid can help us out there).

I see feminists arguing all across the board, contradicting one another and confusing the hell out of everybody out here. Then I turn to see MRAs fighting what basically amounts to straw feminists and taking up tactics not terribly unlike those embraced by the feminists they take such tremendous issue with. And what are all of these people essentially fighting for? Changed laws, mostly — seeking a legal remedy to what is at the core a human social problem. And it won’t work, not in a lasting way. What strikes me as rather nonsensical about the MRM strategy is that it’s arguing for changing the system to be fairer toward men, while in the same breath admitting that the system itself is the problem in a nutshell. And that’s where I get confused, because I too agree that the system itself is the culprit, though I’m able to acknowledge that this system isn’t pro- or anti-woman any more so than it is pro- or anti-male, at least not for long, because all that we have going on in modern times is decidedly anti-human in the long-run. And that’s where I wind up floating out of orbit and am unable to align myself with the expressed views of either “side” in this divisive gender clash. My own concerns are with modernity and where it’s led and continues leading us all. Men and women are all impacted in various ways, some that overlap more than others, but everybody stands vulnerable to being chewed up by this progression toward what I can only describe as the formation of hell on earth, 2.0.

My own views are apparently far more radical (strike-at-the-root radical, though probably viewed as extreme as well) than nearly everybody else’s I’m coming across both online and offline, not that that shocks me since I’ve been figuring this out for several years already. But when I stumbled back across the gender war online I was coming in after years of actively trying to shut much of that shit out of my mind, save for what directly affects me and those I come into contact with (not that I don’t care about the wider world, but we all need to take a breather from time to time). Why? Because the back-and-forth bickering is getting people nowhere anymore. Many are fighting for the sake of fighting and aiming to punish others rather than help construct something of real productive value. People would rather scream and outsource all blame to their “opposition” than recognize how we all play into this and nearly all wind up impacted by it to varying degrees. There’s no automatic privilege that comes with being a woman today anymore than there is with being a man, so these attempts to categorically stereotype and dismiss all who belong to the opposite sex strikes me as a major waste of time that does nothing but distract us from actually dealing with what humanity as a whole is confronted with today. And that boils down to being about money and power more often than not.

We live in the times of centralizing power and authority on a scale never before seen in human history. Economic gaps are widening and resources are being controlled by major corporations capable of purchasing political power outright. We all, males and females alike, are fast becoming no more powerful than specks of dirt blowing in the wind, though some cling to the illusion that they will be protected if they can align themselves with powerful movements and political groups that appear to hold sway.

Thoughts to be continued another time. Need to eat and then head back out to work.

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