Starting with music, ending back with painful frustration for the society I belong to

The Sandy Hook massacre looks to be some sort of hoax, our politicians remain worthless, many Americans appear just as worthless too, Google+ is insane, every major corporation out there is acting like it wants to take over the world…the new matrix being constructed looks more and more each day to only be escapable by death. Just sayin’. Don’t shoot the messenger.

“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas:

That song was brought across my radar again tonight by the YT user Carpo719. Such a beautiful song that I’ve loved since forever.

Here’s “What’s It Take” by Robert Palmer:

Never seen either of those videos before. Interesting what people decades back came up with. ha

Anyway, I adore that song by Robert Palmer — it’s quite possibly my favorite by him. Love it when it comes in over my headphones while out walking. Serves as a necessary reminder to me, and I’ll leave it at that.

My heart’s not into music this evening. I’m just trying to use it to distract me a little from so much painful and disturbing shit going on in our society. It’s difficult to take so much in, because it leaves a person wondering if humanity in total isn’t cruising toward insanity. The way we do one another is beyond heart-breaking…it’s mind-splintering, reality-distorting, imagination-fucking, shocking nonsense. So much needless mistreatment and lack of care.

You want to know a little truth that may shed light on why some are arming themselves to the teeth and are behaving so defensively? Because we’re being rendered obsolete, and I think on some level we realize it, even if we don’t want to accept it. This is a New Age in a new, technologically-sophisticated world where humans are being manipulated to behave in accordance with our basest natures. And this is what I mean by borrowing the metaphor of us creating Sodom & Gomorrah — doesn’t matter that the story comes from the Bible, it’s still reflecting a propensity within advanced societies where money and convenience comes to trump morality and concern for preserving our own humanity.

Let me now share a video that darkened my storm cloud a little bit more this evening:

Sad shit we’re putting one another through, and no, kids treated that way will never be right. They will carry those scars their whole lives, and pain has a tendency to pay forward.

And when I aim to cling to the belief that most people try to be good and basically mean well, I’m reminded that that too may very well be a pipe dream. We are creatures prone toward irrational behaviors. Case in point:

Idiocracy in action. This is an example of what I mean by people being manipulated to behave in accordance with our basest natures, our beastliness, our me-me-me impulses. Reckless stupidity.

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