“Joking About Rape” (updated: and apparently joking about dying?)

[Video was made private right after I attempted to post it.]

The channel in question, so long as it remains up is: http://www.youtube.com/user/WarehouseNine/videos

Username: Mannix the Pirate

He had a Facebook page as well, though I no longer do, so folks can check that out if they feel inclined.

Sadly, it was reported that this man, Brandon James Cameron, committed suicide on Nov. 8th, 2013.

For the record, in the video in question he was empathizing with people who’ve been sexually assaulted having to deal with all the rape jokes out in society, and though he stated he hadn’t been sexually mistreated in such a way, he had been suffering with PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan where he’d witnessed a little girl shot earlier in the year. The event stayed with him and made him sensitive to things people said afterward, even benign, irrelevant things. Said he had trouble even enjoying the P2P games he’d liked before. And that video I watched was created in August 2013.

Also watched the last quick clip where his mom came on to thank people for their emails and for being decent toward her son online.

What kind of sick fuck jokes around about shit like that?

I genuinely felt bad for the guy, as someone who had only watched 1 video by him right before his videos were all taken down.

Do people realize that pulling pranks like these work against people developing empathy? Do they grasp that treating everything as a big joke causes others to become less capable of distinguishing fact from fiction, thereby leading some to assume anything and everything’s just likely foolishness and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously? That extends over to serious situations whether people are cognizant of that or not.

How bizarrely cruel. I don’t find the stunt funny at all. I really don’t.

Nihilists, dude.

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