Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon — all are selling us out

Not feeling well the last couple of days. Might be coming down with a cold since I’m sneezing a good bit today. But that aside, I’m just heartsick lately, and not only because of my romantic relationship ending and us choosing instead to be friends. That’s actually fine, probably for the best for us both at this point. No, what’s eating at me right now is the same shit that’s been eating at me for years…

The U.S. government has become irreparably corrupt.

And then shit like this PRISM program hits the presses finally thanks to Snowden’s whistleblowing, and holy shit — we find out that the Bush administration back in 2007 created this NSA spying program in service to FISA (another corrupt Act) that has come to include nearly all of the major internet/telecom players: Google, Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Collecting information on us so as to do what exactly? Well, time will tell.

I’ve seen this sort of shit coming for a while now, so it’s not too shocking, though it is pretty fucking depressing. If that shit isn’t Orwellian, then what is?

I’d like to go into greater detail on this subject eventually, but right now I need sleep before my big workday tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day — I work on all major holidays).  But I hated to leave off on “Monster Booty” songs as if I’m over here not giving a shit. Oh I give a shit, most definitely, but I don’t know what to do, and staring at this crap has gotten so old when most Americans don’t even appear to give much of a fuck (or at least act as if they don’t). If we cared so much you’d think we’d be discussing these matters, but instead people would rather entertain themselves into a tizzy complaining about what Anita Sarkeesian is up to or insulting 13-year-old Christians or yammering on about how the opposite sex is the great enemy to be avoided, yada yada. Frankly I don’t even know what to say to people anymore, because everything revolves back to a web of stupidity with people hurling talking points back and forth over matters of relative insignificance.

Look folks, if our government is corrupt through and through, how much does it even matter whether we choose to marry or have kids? People keep saying they’re opting out, but opting out to do what? To go where? To their apartments where they can tune the rest out I’m willing to bet, and that’s not really an escape. That’s us doing little more than sticking our heads in the sand. Can’t fight this battle through the courts though apparently, so I understand and sympathize with people’s frustration here, but then again, has the answer become to do nothing at all in response? We’re just planning on playing the role of lemmings who jump ship only to land in icy waters without anything to cling to?

That’s the type of shit that’s getting to me, and I don’t know how to address it these days. Used to write a good bit on political topics and explore bills being introduced and rubber-stamped by Congress, and it was (and still is) so much disturbing bullshit. Then I burnt out, and now I’m trying to figure out a couple years on where to go from here. As of present, I do not know. But I feel hiding out in my apartment isn’t going to serve much purpose beyond preserving myself for however much longer, and to do what? To just sit and rot while entertaining myself to death and navel-gazing? But what would be a more effective response right about now? What might have a prayer’s chance of having any positive impact at this stage in the game? I do not know.

A topic to be continued some other day…

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