A “Monster Booty” Break

The ’90s are on my mind, so let’s just go there:

Ha! I like to move it move it…bananaman

Here’s one I don’t remember hearing before my 20s and then fell in love with:

That was Patra’s “Pull Up to My Bumper.”  hehe  (Enjoying this performance, btw.  hehe )

The “Monster Booty” album is to blame for tonight’s musical offerings. It’s been regularly shuffled in my car’s music rotation for several years now. Yup, I shamelessly admit it.

Now time to kick some “Dazzey Duks”:

That song was introduced to my 13-year-old brain and got so stuck that I’m confidant it’ll follow me into any afterlife. Ha

Never watched the videos before tonight though.

“Da Butt” by E.U.:

Being so young when these came out, some I associate with so much goofy, prepubescent playfulness, like swimming pools and art doodlings and our Chihuahua raping stuffed animals.

Especially true with this song, “Rump Shaker” by Wreckz N Effect:

Playful music from my “tween” years (that term not yet in existence in the early ’90s).

“Boom Boom Boom” by Outhere Brothers:

Geronimo, look out below. Here comes the brother with the offbeat flow. I just fell from the mothership. Outhere Brothers ’bout to rip it on another tip, slip…

Those lyrics I love for whatever reason. All of these songs have graphic, nasty lyrics when you really stop and pay close attention.

And now it’s time for bed. More “Monster Booty”-ing will have to wait for another night. ha

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