Ok, that’s enough heaviness for a second. Time for tunes.

Will get back to reading and listening to what folks have to say in a little while. Have the rest of the evening off, so there’s plenty of time.

But now it’s time for tunes. Someone I chat with on YT with the handle MidasMind PM’d me a link to the song “3 Kilos” by The Prodigy (from their “Music for the Jilted Generation” album — a favorite of mine as a teen), so now I’m compelled to go on a hunt for favorites from that album.

Been a minute since I’ve heard this stuff:

That was the song “Poison.”

Another great song by that band, “Their Law”:

“Fuck ’em and their law.”  Word.

That last one is titled “Break & Enter.”

And let’s go ahead and put up “3 Kilos” for good measure:

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