Humpday Night Steam-blowing

Because this week (online anyway) has been long enough already.  chillpill

Let’s start with some Bloodhound Gang:

That was “Shut Up.” hehe  Heard that tune in my car again the other day and it’s stayed on my mind ever since.

“…well I find it quite a thrill when she rides me against her will…”

“…got to nail her back at her trailer…I have to admit it was more of a turn-on when I found out she was doing me to buy baby formula…”

“…(did I say that out loud?)…”

That song is just so wrong that it forces me to laugh.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from Bloodhound Gang, “Lift Your Head Up High”:

It’s so goofy because I have such a love/unsettled relationship with that song. Ha  Can’t not “fraggle” along to it though.

Cause life is a game that no one wins
But you deserve a headstart the way your life’s goin’
So throw in the towel cause your life ain’t shit
No take that towel and hang yourself with it
Life’s short and hard like a body-building elf
So save the planet and kill yourself
If you’re feeling down-and-out with what your life’s all about
Lift your head up and blow your brains out


So take your life instead of taking it for granted
I’m thinking you should can it I think I’ll help you plan it
Live today like it’s gonna be your last
Hang out blow your mind have yourself a gas
I hope you take this the wrong way
And misinterpret what I say
Rewind and let me reverse
Backwards like judas preist first did

For some reason that song has a tendency to cheer me. hehe

It boils down to living being a choice we all make. Everyday is a decision, whether we’re cognizant of it or not. It’s the default, but it’s not like we don’t have any options for seriously opting out if shit went completely haywire, worst case scenario. And to me that’s a freeing feeling in a sense. No one at this time is physically forcing me to contend with this shit, and loved ones makes it all worth it. And it’s not just an escapist idea so much as an invitation to “own” one’s life.

Even Bloodhound Gang gets to contribute to modern philosophy and soul-searching. Haha

More stupidity:

Great driving song and another of my favorites from them, “Asleep at the Wheel”:

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  1. agent says:

    I disagree with most of the ideas on this page, finding them predictable and pedantic, But I LOVED the music.

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