Hyper-sexualized stupidity of the 1990s (one clue as to what’s wrong with so many of us)

It’s one of those days when my own melodrama strikes me as humorous. Just remembering back, reflecting and thinking, as I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Phases come and go in this journey called living.

Today I’m reflecting on just how bull-headed I was (and probably still am). This sprang to mind while remembering songs I listened to in the early ’90s. Ugh. So much sludge for a youngen just stepping into adolescence. And sadly enough, some of it I still can’t help but groove to. ha

Our minds seem to soak up so much during those years, and what was my generation sponging up? Tunes from N.W.A., 2 Live Crew, Lords of Acid, Snoop Dogg…probably easier to provide examples, beginning with an embarrassing one:

That version of the song still runs through my mind routinely. Ran through my mind today even, which is what set off this stream of pondering. Such a dumb song. Ha  Never even watched the show; this was just something my frickin’ sex-obsessed ‘cousin’ introduced me to when I was 13.

Here’s another group she brought to my attention that same year:

Yep. Can’t listen to that without feeling like some narcissistic pervert. LOL  Again, it’s one of those songs that wound up burnt into the soundtrack of my life, permanently.  haha  And it’s always made me feel like a weirdo, more so now. Not because of the masturbatory stuff, but because of how self-obsessed it is.

More greetings from the early ’90s…

Hmmm. Yeah. Those songs are from an N.W.A. album frequently played in the car of the cheerleader paid to give me rides to school in the 9th grade. And they too are burnt in my mind forever, nevermind that they’re mentally retarded songs and I’ve personally never wanted to try swallowing. But shit gets in your head at that age and just gets stuck. ha

(BTW, never saw the pool party footage before now. All taken together it’s pretty graphic. That video could open up a whole separate conversation on the topic of people’s values and priorities, particularly women’s since shit like this can’t help but stimulate cognitive dissonance. But that will have to wait for some other time.)

What’s even worse is my partner’s teenager come to find out is already familiar with those songs too.  headshake  Sad but true.

Another I found out he’s familiar with is this:

But that’s about a decade newer than the other songs posted. But still, it’s pretty harsh for a 14 or 15 year old to be listening to. Way to go, Snoop, in infiltrating the psyches of another generation of young folks. tongue_out  But parents also stand by and let it go on under their noses, and nowadays I’m not sure how you’d restrict kids’ access to such stuff. It’s on their phones and on the television and on the internet, and nearly every household subscribes to these services.

Going back to some older Snoop tunes:

Back when I was junior-high-age we had no access to computers with anything remotely resembling the internet and that was back before cell phones became common, but we still managed to jack ourselves up on porn and adult content contained in music and movies. It’s all over society. Hang out with older kids and you will be exposed. Go to school and wind up exposed. Turn on the tv and it’s right there, dancing before your eyes. These are the times we live in.

Let’s see. What else?

So much inanity is trapped in my psyche. Those last two I especially wish I’d never heard.

And people wonder what’s wrong with my generation.  lol  What can be said? We’re saturated with pornish ridiculousness. Of course we love porn — how could we not after all of that? We like to think it’s done us no harm, but I’m not so sure. It’s definitely had an impact in some way, shape or form.

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