These days, every once in a blue moon, the country music industry’s offerings manage to not disappoint.

And now, back to the tunes…

Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains covering Heart’s “Barracuda”:

Gretchen Wilson & Heart – “Crazy On You” (live in 2005):

Damn. Gretchen Wilson isn’t a singer I’m terribly familiar with, but that top video was recommended by my buddy and I’m definitely grateful it come across that performance. Wow.

Initially I barely even knew who Gretchen Wilson was (and barely do even now), but a search brought up some popular tunes commonly played in bars. For example (in the order of how frequently I heard them):

Didn’t mind these tunes until karaoke broke out. But I have a new appreciation for them now that I’m growing acquainted with the incredible talent of Gretchen Wilson.

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