Today’s life thoughts — June 5th, 2013

History never really goes away.

Love hurts. Effective communication’s hard. Each person is unique in their own way. Being a malcontent contrarian doesn’t help matters. Not all of us come from similar backgrounds, and some of us have parts in our histories we can’t seem to fully get over. Been griped at enough about that, so save it.  Regional differences alone are amazing, mind-blowing, tough to adjust to even after years of hanging around. People are strange when you’re a stranger.

Some people aim to live easier lives, even if that means tuning out the whole world, and others just aren’t able to do that. Some are really sensitive and easily pained, while some are gruff and abrupt and distant. Some are both. Others are oblivious.

Some play their cards well; others don’t. Some folks seem to have all the luck. Some have dumb luck. Some have straight-up bad luck. We’re operating with lots of variables in this universe.

Some put on a convincing show for the outside world. Wins them friends and influences people. Some are bad actors. Some are unavoidably stupid. Most think they know more than they actually do. Plenty open their mouths and prove what asses they really are. Others carefully concoct each move they make. A few can afford to hire people to plot all of that for them.

Some live recklessly, take chances, carry on with a devil-may-care attitude. Some are serious, consumed, live inside their own heads. Some turn to television and/or the internet to consume them, keep them entertained. Some look to one another, expecting to be entertained. Some prefer to be alone. Some are better off alone.

Bad days come and go. But the existential “crisis” remains a constant. The funk that keeps on giving.

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