Enjoying a stormy night in June with tunes

On the agenda for tonight is sipping a little brew and listening to music while the lightning flashes through the blinds. Glad to be done with driving for the evening, but I have an early morning, so making the best of what remains of a Friday night.

Lindsey Buckingham performing “Big Love” on acoustic guitar:

That man razzles and dazzles me.

Fleetwood Mac’s awesome performance of “I’m So Afraid”:

One of my favorite songs by Tom Petty:

But all of his songs are good.

You truly don’t know how it feels to be me, and I don’t know how it feels to be anyone else. Such is life for all of us.

Switching gears a bit:

“Why You Wanna Trip On Me” came on over the headphones earlier today, and it’s a good song to listen to from time to time.

Michael Jackson’s 1988 performance of “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man in the Mirror”:

I’m gonna make a change

For once in my life

It’s gonna feel real good

Gonna make a difference

Gonna make it right


As I turned up the collar on

A favorite winter coat

This wind is blowing my mind

I see the kids in the street

With not enough to eat

Who am I to be blind?

Pretending not to see their needs


A summer’s disregard

A broken bottle top

And a one man’s soul

They follow each other

On the wind ya’ know

Cause they got nowhere to go

That’s why I want you to know:



I’m starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could have been any clearer

If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and then make a change, yey

Na na na, na na na, na na na na oh ho


I’ve been a victim of

A selfish kind of love

It’s time that I realize

There are some with no home

Not a nickel to loan

Could it be really pretending that they’re not alone


A willow deeply scarred

Somebody’s broken heart

And a washed out dream

They follow the pattern of the wind ya’ see

Cause they got no place to be

That’s why I’m starting with me




Take a look at yourself and then make the change

You gotta get it right, while you got the time

Cause when you close your heart

Then you close your mind


Make that change!

I have to admit, when I watch videos that show his fans freaking out and fainting, it weirds me smooth out. But…I also must say that some of his songs truly are transcendent in spirit. Realizing this won’t make sense to some folks, Michael Jackson did possess a certain kind of power in his songs and in his way of being. All allegations against him set aside for a moment (and yes, they continue to trouble me), the man struck a chord in people. Quite nearly religiously. And I can understand the almost-gospel quality of many of his songs.  It’s not the sort of thing words do much to help explain to those who can’t comprehend it already. His song “Man in the Mirror” strikes me deep, and I just have to say that. Always has. Not because he’s Michael Jackson but because of the song itself, the lyrics, the message, the beat, the pleading to oneself to realize change begins with ourselves. It must. It can be no other way. I struggle with getting myself to fully accept this truth.

When people refer to Michael Jackson as a gift from God, I do grasp what they mean. As I said before, child molestation accusations aside. To be quite frank, they turned me off on him for many years, because I assumed they were likely true. The man appeared (in the media) to be a freak. The man invites children to stay in his house and at least one he admit slept in his bed. But you know what? Since his death, and also after reading Chris Hedges’ scathing denunciation of Michael Jackson and his funeral in the book Empire of Illusions, I can’t help but wonder if the man wasn’t framed and if it all wasn’t an attempt to sabotage his immense popularity. Why? Look at how people (over)reacted to him. Look at how overwhelmed they were by his messages. He impacted people, and he spoke out against the pains and problems of modern life, including our government and police brutality, in a simple, straightforward lyrical fashion.

The man, through his lyrics, was pointing people toward loving one another, toward giving one another a chance, toward questioning powers-that-be, and toward looking at ourselves honestly. His music was merely a vehicle, encouraging us to care about one another, particularly those in need. Who might that upset? And who in the past has been murdered or dragged down for attempting similar feats? Not claiming he was intentionally killed, however. I’m just sayin’. Gotta keep an open mind when it comes to Michael.

Remember back when we still figured Michael to be a normal heterosexual man? Hahaha. It deserved to be said:

That song accompanied with the video is so funny. “There’s something about you, baby … I don’t know, I don’t know…”  And that was our first clue he apparently wasn’t as “normally heterosexual” as originally assumed. Seriously, dude? It’s Naomi Campbell gyrating. Were you mad, man?? How can you NOT know what that something is, and then remain conflicted about giving in when Naomi Campbell is all up in your video saying she wants a secret hot tryst? LOL

And that “ahhh” he whimpers after she whispers something to him, hehe. For some reason it reminds me a little of Beavis. But a man’s shyness can be very cute too.

Michael undeniably possessed a feminine streak, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just sayin’. He’s not a man I’d be interested in sexually, and it’s a little perplexing to me how so many women found him sexy. Michael Jackson was an amazing performer with a unique voice and style, and I adore much of his music, but the thought of having sex with him does nothing for me. And maybe other folks are just confusing their awe of him with sexual excitement, who knows? Different strokes for different folks.

That video serves the dual purpose of being Michael’s own coming out of the closet moment. Not as a homosexual, mind you, but as something different than people expected. He bopped to the beat of his own little drummer.

Video aside, my most favorite and routinely and randomly remembered lyrics from that song:

Touch me there

Make the move

Cast your spell

Hot. Sizzle, sizzle.

If I weren’t such a lazy bum these days maybe I’d add content of greater value on this blog. lol  drinking

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